Linda Portis: Journey of Motherhood

Hey, this is Linda. I’m a mom from Ohio living a homesteading life in Henry County, where there is very little else around. In fact, my biggest accomplishment in life is being a wife and the mother of four children, but I like things this way. Their current ages range from almost ten years old down to 20 months old, and we have a fine time living off our land.

One of my favorite things to do with my kids is to make jam. We love picking fruits and turning them into tasty jams that we enjoy throughout the year. In our remote stretch of land, we have become more in tune with the land. While I’ll admit that’s not for everyone, it’s our version of paradise.

We also love riding our horses through the woods. My bigger kids enjoy helping care for them in the stables. The younger ones just love to help feed them and our chickens too. The ducks that flock to our lake always come back every year after flying south for the winter, and it’s a big deal for the kids who have named them all things like Coco, Franklin, Jasper, Big Bird, and Tabitha.

My hobbies include knitting, bird watching, cooking, baking, and scrapbooking, and my husband is great with woodworking. He’s made most of the furniture in our home with his bare hands. Our dining table is my favorite because it is where we all gather for our meals. I have been cooking and baking since I was little, always following my mom around in the kitchen to help. Now I have little ones who love to follow me and are very helpful when baking up a batch of my cookies.

I’ve learned so much about myself and the journey we all take as our lives transform by becoming parents.

Thanks for stopping by and reading what I put out there. I hope it can help you through the good and bad parts of being a mom. It is much like a Greek play with comedy and tragedy all at once, and incredibly bittersweet to watch these amazing children grow through all their stages.