My Baby’s Bottom Lip Quivers – Should I Be Worried?

It’s normal to pay attention to all the little things your baby does, so when you notice your baby’s bottom lip quivers, you might wonder what’s wrong. Try not to overthink or panic too much!

Almost every parent has noticed their newborn lip quivers at some point. It might be when he cries, or you might worry that your baby has a quivering lip because he’s cold.

Luckily, an infant with a lip quivering rarely does so for a severe problem. Let’s take a look at why your baby’s bottom lip quivers to help ease your worries. 

What is a Baby Lip Quiver?

When you see your baby’s bottom lip quivering, it often looks like shaking or trembling in quick motions. You’ve seen this motion in cartoons, typically exaggerated, when they’re cold. 

When you see your newborn baby’s chin quiver, it might come with other actions. Your baby might cry or notice shaking and trembling as well. This doesn’t mean your baby is in distress.

Why Will A Baby’s Lip Quiver?

It’s not unusual for your baby’s jaw to quiver. Let’s look at a few reasons why this might happen. 

Immature Nervous System

When you notice your baby’s bottom lip trembling, it might be due to your baby having an immature or underdeveloped nervous system. While that might sound scary, it’s quite normal. Even though your baby was born, he still has much growing and developing to do at this point. 

This is why, at times, you might notice jaw trembling, limbs trembling, or jerking motions from time to time. An immature nervous system won’t cause problems for long stretches; they’ll come at random times throughout the day. 

It’s normal, and nothing that is concerning. Your child’s nervous system develops fully as he ages, and you’ll stop noticing these movements.

Feeling Chilly 

funny face by baby while playing

One of the most apparent reasons for a bottom or upper lip quivering is that your baby feels chilly. You might find yourself with a quivering lip when you’re cold.

If you think this is the reason, it’s time to get your baby out of the cold and warm him up. That means either bringing him inside, putting on warmer clothes, or wrapping your baby in a blanket. You’ll notice the trembling going away quickly if this is the culprit. 


Some parents have noticed that their baby’s lower jaw trembles when he has to pee. It might be a strange coincidence, but it might signify relief or a good feeling. If you notice your baby has a full diaper after the trembling, it’s likely the reason.


Another reason that your baby might have a quivering lip is that he has gas! It might be your baby’s body’s response to the muscles used to push out the gas. You can help him by bicycling his legs or giving him gas drops.

Birth Defects

This is rare, but in some cases, quivering lips could be due to a congenital disability. It’s not a common reason, and if your baby does have a birth defect, chances are this isn’t the only symptom you would notice.

An example would be a birth defect or problem that affects your baby’s blood sugar or nervous system. These could cause lip quivers, but you likely notice jitters, trembles, and other signs.

When to Call The Doctor 

Lip quivering is rarely a cause for concern. The only time you might call the doctor is when you notice that the quivering continues and becomes more like a tremble or a tremor than light shaking. 

You should also pay attention to your baby to ensure it’s not distressing him or accompanying other more severe symptoms. 

Final Thoughts

Noticing your baby’s bottom lip quivering is quite normal. It might be his nervous system developing, or he might feel a bit chilly. However, if your baby’s quiver becomes a tremor accompanied by other severe signs, you will need medical attention. Thankfully, that rarely happens in these cases.

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