Leslie Berry’s Journey of Being a Mom!

Hi moms and moms-to-be! I’m Leslie Berry, and I sincerely hope that through my trials and tribulations as a mom, I can help you fumble through this parenthood thing too. I currently live in Los Altos, California (near San Fran), but I’ve lived a bit all over too. I spent time living in Miami, NYC, Chicago, and Denver. I’ve even lived abroad (that’s where I met my husband) though I’m delighted to be home. I think Dorothy said it best when she said, “There’s no place like home,” to be honest.

I’m the kind of mom that never expected to be a mom, and I never even held a baby until I was in my mid-20s. I KNOW! I’m not here to give or replace professional medical advice but instead give you guidance about parentingpregnancycesarean sectionbreastfeeding, and kid stuff with a dose of my goofy humor woven in. I like to keep things as real as possible. I’ll tell you all the things you’re not finding in all those books, live from the trenches of motherhood, though make sure you have a good doctor for your prenatal and postpartum care and a qualified pediatrician to guide you for your children’s health.

I have two daughters, ages 11 and 8, and they keep things interesting. They’re opposite personalities but wonderful little people I love with all my heart, even though when they pull out the drama, I want to run off down our street, flailing my arms. I’m not sure where I’d flail away if given a chance, most likely a cozy wine bar or the nearest port for a cruise.

When I’m not doing mom things, I’m busy working as a personal trainer part-time. I was a TEFL-certified English teacher while living in Asia and am a licensed psychologist. However, I found that private personal training sessions were more therapeutic for my soul, and I could still inspire both outsides and in.

I’ve also been spending my time learning more about the medical side of things simply because I find it utterly fascinating how the human body works. It’s truly miraculous. If you need proof, just look at how babies are born. It’s something incredible, for sure. 

For fun, I love reading, playing guitar, rock climbing, painting, and finding new ways not to burn down our recently renovated kitchen while trying to duplicate that crafty crap and yummy meals I always see on Pinterest.

With my real talk, I hope my posts can help put your mind at ease or nudge you in the right direction to seek a medical professional when it’s necessary. I also hope that I can help you laugh through all this because parenting is messy, exhausting, stressful, and hilarious all at once. I’m all about building up that village and unifying as one because that’s the only way to get through the diaper explosions, sleepless nights, and other insanity that goes along with being a parent.

There’s no judgment here, just realness from one mom to another. I aim to give you a safe space to learn about all these things while also including the answers to questions, you may feel too embarrassed to ask. On that note, DON’T BE EMBARRASSED! Questions are good as they help us learn and grow.

Thanks for joining me on this epic adventure. Now buckle up and get ready for the wildest ride of your lives…mommyhood!