About: KidslyMom’s Team

KidslyMom, founded in 2018, is the ultimate spot for pregnant women, moms, and those who are hoping to become moms to find honest information about motherhood. It goes deeper to give you real information about topics many moms are embarrassed to ask about, along with plenty of humorous anecdotes provided by the author and founder Leslie Berry and co-editor Linda Portis.

With very different backgrounds, both moms share the same core values about providing honest and transparent advice about every stage of motherhood. From those early stages of trying to conceive to crazy pregnancy symptoms and from labor and delivery to handling that toddler “NO!” phase, Leslie and Linda are pioneering the way for motherhood advice in the most relatable ways.

KidslyMom covers topics about pregnancy, parenting, c-sections, breastfeeding, prenatal and postnatal care, toddlerhood, and plenty more. It’s a place where every mom is welcomed in like an old and cherished friend to have a safe space to find the questions and answers they seek while having a good laugh along the way.

People Who Write and Operate KidslyMom.com!

Leslie Berry

Leslie Berry with Her Elder Daughter

Leslie is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of KidslyMom. As the main voice, she started this blog after noticing that so many other sites for moms were either leaving out important information or lacking a relatable vibe. Her goal was to make motherhood feel more approachable for every woman while touching on topics many others are too embarrassed to discuss. After living in numerous places, including China, where she has happily shared her amusing adventures, she now resides in California with her husband and two daughters.

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Linda Portis

Linda is the Associate Editor for KidslyMom. As a contributing writer, she enjoys sharing her journey of motherhood while doing a little copywriting to take some of the burdens from Leslie. After meeting each other online and hitting it off, Linda, who lives in a remote part of Ohio with her husband and four children, was eager to contribute to the site with another perspective. As a homesteading mom, her lifestyle of living off the land creates the perfect balance for this mom-focused blog.