I’m 39 Weeks and Loss Weight. Is This a Sign of Labor?

At the end of pregnancies, we look for all of the signs that labor is on the way. By the end, you are ready not to be pregnant anymore and want to meet your baby. Weight loss before labor is a sign that your pregnancy is ending.

Determine if this is false or actual labor here.

At the end of my fourth pregnancy, I stopped gaining weight and lost a few pounds. At my 39th-week appointment, I asked my doctor if weight loss at the end of pregnancy was normal, and she said that it’s not uncommon and not something to cause concern.

Why Is Weight Loss before Labor Common?

Weight loss is a combination of different factors together, and it’s typically normal. It’s rarely a problem or a reason to panic. Here are some of the common factors that might cause weight loss. 

Eating Habit Changes 

At the end of your pregnancy, you might find that you have less of an appetite. You might feel fuller after eating small amounts. Your baby is larger and presses on your stomach. That causes you to eat less. 

Increased Urination

Your baby is also sitting on your bladder, leading to increased urination. You might feel like you are always using the bathroom, and this contributes to weight loss because your body is getting rid of some of the extra fluid it holds onto throughout your pregnancy. 

Less Amniotic Fluid

Towards the end of your pregnancy, the amniotic fluid level decreases before your water breaks. Amniotic fluid accounts for some of your weight gains, so losing the fluid will lead to weight loss.

More Bowel Movements

Before you go into labor, frequent, loose bowel movements are common. Some women say that diarrhea is a sign of labor.

When Does This Weight Loss Start?

pregnant mom touches her belly

Your weight loss can start between 38-41 weeks. It varies for every woman, and not all women have a noticeable weight loss. If you don’t see this happening, don’t worry; that doesn’t mean anything is wrong with you. 

How Much Weight Is Common to Lose?

Most women experience a two to three-pound weight loss, but I lost four pounds. Remember, your weight can quickly fluctuate throughout the day, and gaining or losing a pound isn’t a big deal. If you lose more than five pounds, your doctor might encourage you to eat more food, but that’s uncommon for you to experience.

When Should You Worry 

At this point in your pregnancy, you’ll visit your doctor once weekly, and the nurse will check your weight. Worry is not necessary unless your doctor brings up your weight loss.


Weight loss should never be your goal during pregnancy. If it happens for good reasons, and you continue consuming the needed calories daily, the weight loss before labor will be minimal. Your doctor will let you know if you need to make any changes to stop the weight loss.

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