Do Blowouts Mean the Diaper is too Small?

Generally, yes, diaper blowouts indicate that your diaper is too small. There needs to be some room in there for things to come out. I promised some sizes here, so let me deliver on that…

Size 18-14lbs
Size 212-18lbs
Size 316-28lbs
Size 422-37lbs
Size 5Over 27lbs
Table for Baby Age vs. Diaper Size

How do you know your baby’s weight?

baby feet and diaper

Well, you’ll be at the doctor’s office for that checkup soon enough for newborns, so you should know from that visit. But you can also get a baby scale, so you’ll know. For breastfed babies, it’s important to note how much weight gain is happening.

If you see your baby is gaining weight and growing in length, they are getting enough nutrients. If not, it could point to other problems, like a caregiver perhaps using older milk from your breastmilk storage. The scale helps you monitor your child’s healthy growth.

And it can show you when you should consider a diaper size upgrade. But weight isn’t the only thing to look for.

When you change your baby’s diapers, look around the upper legs and tummy areas. If it looks red, chances are the elastic is fitting too tightly and too small. You’ll likely notice it’s snug in other areas, so it’s time to step up a size. Newborns grow quickly, so most of you will step up to the next size before you know it.

Conversely, that diaper is too big if you see gaps at the legs and around the waist. This can lead to leaks that won’t blow out but will make a mess since they will ooze everywhere. Yuck!

What about those diapers they’ve outgrown?

Well, if you have your receipt for a box you didn’t open, you can probably exchange them for a different size, depending on when and where you got them. It’s worth checking out. If it’s an open box, I recommend asking any friends if they need diapers in that size or donating them to an organization near you where someone in need could use them.

You will likely run into this as you move from newborn to the next size up. Some mamas are surprised to find how quickly newborns grow out of that size!

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