Is There a Right Way to Curb Walk?

Unless your doctor specifically puts you on bedrest or tells you not to exercise in any way, shape, or form during your pregnancy, walking is good for pregnant women. Any of you can generally do this low-risk activity from the beginning to the middle and all the way up to the end of your pregnancy.

But some people swear by curb walking over regular walking. I’m sorry, but no science has yet to show any difference. There’s not even a study about curb walking.

Still, since you’re making things uneven in your movements, it can help get the baby further down in the pelvis when you get closer to delivery. And it could put more pressure on your cervix to get things going.

But walking or curb walking will only put you into labor once you’re ready. That means the right balance of hormones all firing at once.

So, now that you know let me tell you how to curb walk!

The Right Way to Curb Walk

If you’re going to curb walk, you need to create an uneven walking pattern. That is the only requirement to do it correctly.

All you need to do is walk along a curb, stepping up with one foot while keeping the other foot on the lower ground.

Yup. That’s it!

You shouldn’t do this to the point of exhaustion, though. About 10 minutes a day is sufficient.

If you have been curb walking for 5 minutes and feel tired, do not push yourself. Simply stop and try the next day again.

Is there a wrong way to curb walk?

Not necessarily, but there are some things to avoid. For one, I’d make sure you are doing this with someone along. Another child does not count! Have another adult with you in case you go into labor or keep you from toppling over.

Also, some of you wonder how you can curb walk without curbs or when you’re stuck indoors. I keep getting questions from mamas with ice and snow outside, and want to know if they can still curb walk out there.

No, mamas, even with snow boots, this is a bad idea. I’d also like to extend this to my friends in warmer climates who may be contending with rain.

You can curb walk inside by using your stairs (just hold the railing), or stepping up and down on a step stool. You can also put a high heel shoe on one foot and walk across your room.

Please have someone support you and/or use a railing for all these indoor curb walking methods. It is very easy to lose your balance while pregnant, especially in the 37th, 38th, 39th, and 40th weeks of pregnancy.

Now that you know the right way to curb walk, you can ask your doctor if they think it would be a good idea. With their blessing, you can go for it!

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