All Hype or For Real: Here’s What to Know About Curb Walking (with Videos!)

Have you been wondering why everyone’s talking about curb walking? I’ve written about it a ton of times, and lately, I’ve received so many questions about it. I love answering you all, though sometimes a show and tell would be best.

So today, I’m showing and telling what I think of mamas doing the curb walk in some videos online. Some of these are excellent examples, while others, I’d say to do things a little differently.

Ultimately though, you’re going to see how curb walking can help you as you get toward the final countdown to baby.

  • Curb walking can help you when you’re getting closer to labor and delivery.
  • Watch some videos of mamas doing the curb walk with my own special critiques.
  • See the best way to employ this method in real life to get labor going.

As I wouldn’t be me without saying so, I must insist that before you try this yourself that you are:

  • At least 37 weeks along
  • You have no complications, such as a baby in breech
  • You speak to your doctor first and make sure it is safe for you specifically

If you can check all those off with a big fat yes, then proceed to view some curb walking in action and see what I have to say about it.

Curb Walking In Action

Here’s a photo of two mamas doing the curb walk. I love the idea of teaming up with other expectant moms to curb walk together. Doing anything with company instantly makes it much more fun and enjoyable. That’s such a great idea, so if you have any other mamas in your neighborhood or friend group that are at the end of pregnancy, you can do it together.

I love how this mama is doing her curb walk, nice and slow, nice and easy here. And she’s got her bottle of water along too. You shouldn’t ever forget your hydration station while you’re pregnant. I will say this though…I don’t like that this road looks like it gets hectic. I think it is much safer to curb walking on a road that won’t get much traffic.

Musical selection aside (is that even music, or am I getting old?), this mama uses her home’s features to curb walk. That’s exactly what I’ve been saying! So, if you don’t have stairs in your home, or the ones you may have leading up to your home are covered with snow and ice, this is a smart idea. Bravo!

Way to go, mama! She’s almost hypnotic with the sway of her hips and the stripes on her shirt. I love that she’s taking the time to show everyone the right rhythm to the curb walk. Remember, you are not meant to run along this quickly. It’s a slow process, where you are lulling the baby down further to trigger your cervix to open. Don’t forget that you should only be doing this at week 37 or later, once the doctor tells you that your baby has dropped down in your pelvis and as long as you don’t have any pregnancy conditions.

This mama already has her ducks in a row. Like, literally! I love that she involves her young children in a curb walk down her street. A residential setting is best where you’re less likely to have high amounts of traffic. I’m a little worried about her doing this at night, though. That could be because my vision isn’t fabulous after dark. Also, it looks like she’s wearing flip-flops to me, and I say nope! Get some sneakers or something else that supports your feet. It’s too easy to slip out of flip-flops or stub your toe.

No to the sandals! But yes to the different methods of curb walking. This mama first shows you on the curb, then takes it up and down the front stairs of her home using a lateral movement. She does make me a bit nervous when she takes 2 stairs at a time this way. This is because she’s not holding the railing.

Remember ladies, your proportions are off and it is easy to be clumsy while you are in the last stages of pregnancy. If you fall on stairs like these, you must get to the hospital immediately to ensure your baby is okay. Have someone do these sidesteps with you, holding your hand. This way, if you lose balance, they’ll be able to help you get steady again.

Ok, now here’s one where I don’t think she’s pregnant, but she is showing us how to do the curb walk indoors. And while the video is a bit on the boring side, this is a great technique to create that uneven gait while inside your home safely. If you have a step bench for exercise, this is just perfect for trying out your curb walking indoors.

I love this curb walking video because this trainer shows a heavily pregnant mama how to maximize her movements. She has her curb walking in proper shoes on a quiet street. When she gets toward the camera, she has her do some squats with her and roll her hips around. Then she sends her back the other way to curb walk using the other leg. Great job on that curb walk here!

In this video, a nurse shows you how you can use a step stool in the hospital to help get labor moving along. If you are stuck at the hospital and your labor is not progressing, you can try this one. Ask the nurse for a step stool to get started!

Here’s a really short one that explains its purpose while showing curb walking. Again, that’s to get your baby’s head to descend further down in your pelvis. And again, I am inclined to remind you that you should not do this until at least week 37 of your pregnancy. You should also speak to your doctor to ensure it’s safe for you.

And finally, I’ll end on this mama who has picked a rockin’ soundtrack to go along with it. In the video, she’s 39 weeks along and looks ready to go. She shows you how to use stairs to curb walk and explains how her chiropractor recommends stairs for the best exercise to prepare you for labor. I love that she’s holding the railing for safety as she shows you how to climb by going up every other stair. Great job!

So, now that you’ve seen some examples of curb walking in action as well as found out what I like and dislike about them, hopefully that helps you put one foot in front of the other. Step in the right direction and you’ll soon be in labor!

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