Curb Walking During Pregnancy: 10 Things You Need to Know

Likely, you’ve heard other mamas-to-be talking about curb walking. Or you’ve just found this blog and are wondering what the heck is going on. Don’t you worry, mama. I’ve compiled a quick and handy list for you of 10 things to know about curb walking during your pregnancy.

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I thoroughly discussed curb walking and if it helps to induce labor here, along with some success stories of my friends.

  1. Curb walking has a purpose

Curb walking is the buzz among pregnant women in the last month of pregnancy because it can do something for you. Well, this is for walking while pregnant in general, but as you get closer to labor, it can help your baby move further down in your pelvis.

So, when your baby moves further down, he or she puts more pressure on your cervix. The more pressure applied, the more oxytocin is released, which can trigger contractions or keep them moving if labor has already started.

  1. Some call it the natural way to induce labor
doula and husband assisting woman in labor

Curb walking is generally harmless though you should always ask your doctor about physical activity, especially at this stage. Most will say you can give curb walking or regular walking a shot. It may move things along.

  1. It won’t make you go into labor if you’re not ready

Listen, mama, I totally understand that you want to meet your baby ASAP. I also understand how uncomfortable you are. I have been there (TWICE!) and I absolutely get it. Still, you can walk yourself to the ends of the earth, and if you’re not ready to go into labor, it’s not happening.

  1. Only do it a little bit a day

Once you get closer to the end of your pregnancy, if your doctor gives you the OK for curb walking, go for it. But don’t go nuts! Only 10 minutes a day will be plenty for this off-kilter walk.

  1. You need to take precautions against falling

Now that your body’s proportions look more like what it is like to gaze at yourself in a funhouse mirror, it is much easier to lose balance. You will be more prone to falling along with the hormones in your body that loosen your joints. If you’re alone, hold a railing. Do not try curb walking or walk without a loved one to help you in case you need them.

  1. Always wear proper shoes

When you’r pregnant, you need all the help you can get. Make sure you have supportive shoes like sneakers to help you curb walk.

  1. You don’t need a curb-to-curb walk

All you need to do is create an uneven gait. If the curb outside is covered in snow and ice, you don’t have any curbs nearby, or there’s tons of traffic and it’s just not safe, you can curb walk in other ways.

  1. Stairs can mimic curb walking

Stairs in and around your home can be a blessing for curb walking. Again, I must remind you to be very careful as you reach the end of your pregnancy. You are more likely to lose balance and fall. No need to do anything differently on the stairs. Just walk up and down them.

  1. You can use a little fashion to curb walk too

Can you still get your feet into high heels? No, you don’t need to put both on. If you can get one of them on, you can hold onto the wall and walk with one foot flat on the ground and one with the stilettos. And if your feet are too swollen, try stepping up and down on one step of your step stool.

  1. Regular walking can help too

No studies exist yet to compare and contrast the differences between curb walking while pregnant and regular walking. I’d love to know the results if they put this into a study. No need to stress if you feel goofy curb walking or find it a struggle. You can walk a little bit each day to reap the benefits.

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