A Mom’s Simple Guide to Buying Nursing Tank Tops

Adding a new nursing tank top to your breastfeeding wardrobe will seriously make your life easier and more comfortable. You can layer under sweaters and jackets or wear them around the house just as a comfy top. Tanks are perfect for summer days, but buying a nursing tank top is a bit different than a regular cami or tank top.

I always have a few in my drawers, and after breastfeeding four kids, I feel like I’ve tried several brands. I wanted to share some of my thoughts about how to pick the best nursing tank for you

Why You Need a Few Nursing Tank Tops

You might wonder whether or not you need nursing tank tops, and truthfully, the answer is no. However, I keep them on my must-have list because I do feel as if they’re a necessary part of my breastfeeding wardrobe. Anything that makes my life easier goes in the must-have list for me.

So, what are the benefits of buying nursing tanks? Here’s just a few.

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  • It makes nursing in public so much easier. You use these tank tops to layer by wearing a top over the tank top. The tank top keeps your belly covered, and the shirt you wear over that will keep the top of your breast covered. No one has any clue.
  • You don’t have to wear a bra! When your breasts are full of milk, they’re heavy, and not wearing a bra can be uncomfortable, adding strain to your back. Many nursing tank tops have built-in support.
  • Many of these tank tops hold nursing pads in place, which is so helpful. You need nursing pads to prevent leaking all over your clothes.
  • Since many of these tank tops are form-fitting, they can hold in or hide your post-partum belly.
  • Wearing it can make pumping at work more discreet.

What to Look for When Buying a Nursing Tank Top

Consider some of these features to see if it will work for you before you buy a bunch of different tank tops. 

Adjustable Straps

Look to see if the straps are adjustable. It’s not added to all straps, but adjustability ensures a better fit for you. This adjustability is essential as your breasts change sizes rapidly throughout breastfeeding. Some tanks can be converted into a T-back style. 

Built-in Bra – Yes or No

Some women don’t want built-in bras, but I think this is a huge benefit of wearing a nursing tank top. You can wear a tank in place of your bra, so ones with a built-in bra give you all the support you need without needing to wear a bra. 

Pocket for Nursing Pads

Is there a place that can keep your nursing pads in place? This can be helpful, especially overnight. If you plan to wear your nursing tanks at night as you sleep, this can be a vital feature. 

The Materials Used 

If you want a form-fitting tank top, look for a soft fabric that has some stretch to it without losing its overall fit. Cotton, nylon, polyester, and spandex are excellent materials for a form-fitting yet comfortable tank top. Try to get as much cotton as possible for breathability.

Make Sure The Hooks Are Strong

The last thing you want is your nursing tank top to open when you’re exercising or walking out to get the mail. Some nursing tanks don’t have strong hooks that can handle bouncing or exercising, so be sure it won’t lead to an embarrassing accident.


No one wants to have to wash clothes separately or use some special washing techniques. Like with your regular tank tops, make sure you can put yours in the washer and dryer. That makes your life so much easier. 

How Many Do You Need?

Unless you plan to wear a nursing tank top every day (which is possible), I suggest having three. That is one for you to wear, one for the laundry, and one for your dresser drawers.

If you’re a working and pumping mom, you might want to get more – one for each workday. Since this garment isn’t expensive, investing in several won’t cost you an arm or a leg.

Final Thoughts

Nursing tank tops are great additions to your breastfeeding wardrobe. They don’t cost too much, and they can help make breastfeeding easier for you. Make sure to grab a few before you have your baby!

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