Do I Need a Nursing Tank Top? How Do They Even Work?

One of my favorite nursing accessories is a nursing tank top; I always have several in my drawers and my hospital bag when I have my babies. If you’ve never grabbed breastfeeding-friendly clothes, you might not have tried a nursing tank or even know what it is.

So, if you’re gathering all your nursing supplies and aren’t too sure about a nursing tank, here is what you need to know. 

What is Nursing Tank Top?

A nursing tank is an alternative to a nursing bra because no one really wants to wear a bra 24/7. They’re essentially tank top with a built-in shelf that acts as a bra. There are hooks on the straps just like a nursing bra, that gives you easier access to your breast.

You can wear them as a tank top alone if you don’t mind just wearing a tank top. Another option is to wear them as an undershirt to make any shirt a nursing shirt in public. You also can wear them under a button-down shirt just like you would a cami.

Here is the list of the best nursing tank tops and how they will help you.

The Benefits of Wearing a Nursing Tank Top 

You might want to wear a nursing tank top for several reasons.

  • You don’t need to wear a bra 24/7, but they still support your massive breasts. The built-in shelf will also hold nursing pads in place. 
  • If you work out of the home, a nursing tank will make it easier to pump if you layer it under your shirts. 
  • You can wear them throughout your pregnancy and while breastfeeding. Most are made with durable material, so they’ll easily last for a year or two. 
  • They’re the perfect thing to wear at the hospital when you’re learning to breastfeed and do skin-to-skin with your baby
  • Wearing one eliminates the need to buy nursing shirts. You can wear a tank and a shirt, skipping the bra. Then, you lift your top shirt, unbutton your nursing tank, and flip it down to breastfeed. The tank keeps your stomach covered, and the top shirt keeps the top of your breast covered. 

Is a Nursing Tank Top Necessary?

A nursing tank top isn’t necessary for all mothers, but I include it in my list of things I need for each baby. In the first few weeks and months of breastfeeding, wearing a bra or some support is essential. Your breasts are massive with milk. So, the tank top gives you the support needed. 😀

You’ll also leak breast milk for weeks or even months, so you need nursing pads. If you try to keep them in place without a bra or tank, you’ll realize it doesn’t work. Thus, a tank top gives support and keeps the nursing pads in place. 

How Many Do I Need?

You can purchase as few as two tops, but I suggest having three. That gives you one to wear and keep in your drawers and one in the dirty laundry. It also means you have less stress needing worry that you need to do laundry today!

Final Thoughts

A nursing tank top can be a massive help for a breastfeeding mother. Learning how a nursing tank works are easy. All you need to do is wear it without a bra and use the snaps for easy access for breastfeeding. They’re so comfortable; you’ll love them.

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