Sweat and Your C-Section Incision: How to Protect Yourself

Have you started to notice your postpartum hormones going wild? Hang in there, mama! It gets better!

Until then, you may find that sweating pops up, particularly in the middle of the night. Those of you that live in warm climates may feel sweater than usual all the time, while others of you may wake drenched in sweat.

Like we don’t have enough to deal with, right?

Anyway, this is all a good thing. Your hormones are doing this to help rid the body of excess fluids from your pregnancy. This is also why you’re still peeing an awful lot.

Unfortunately, you’re going to have to put up with this for a few weeks at least. But if you’ve just had a c-section, how can you keep your incision site dry and protected from sweat? Don’t worry…I’ve got you covered!

  • Rethink your sleep attire

Cooler, lighter, and looser pajamas are the best choice right now. Choose materials like cotton for a breathable and comfortable experience. Even better, you can choose pajamas that help wick moisture away.

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These by Joyaria would be my top pick. It’s an ultra-soft pajama set made from 95% bamboo viscose and 5% spandex, made for women that have night sweats. It comes in a bunch of colors with the notch collar long-sleeve button-down top and elastic drawstring waist pants.

Aside from helping you combat those postpartum night sweats that can wet your incision, it’s easy to breastfeed while wearing them.

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You could also choose a sleeveless nightgown if that’s more your style. This particular one is made from 70% viscose, 25% cotton, and 5% spandex. It’s soft, breathable, and wicks moisture away from your body for your best comfort.

Latuza makes pajamas set with a short-sleeve V-neck shirt and matching shorts. It’s composed of viscose (95%) and spandex (5%) to let you feel comfortable as you sleep while taking that sweat away.

  • Use a pad

Yes, the same kind of pad you use for your period can pull double duty here. Simply affix the sticky side into your high-waisted underwear so that the softly padded side is up against your c-section incision. Check it each time you get up to go to the bathroom at night and if it’s wet, change it promptly.

  • Try talc-free powder

A talc-free powder like this one could also help keep things dry during sleep or any time of day. I encourage you to ask your doctor for recommendations, too, as they may want you to use something else.

What about daytime sweating?

If it’s hot outside and you’re sweating because of it and your hormones like my sweet friend Dana in Florida, then you can use these tips for keeping your incision dry by day.

Choose clothing that is lightweight, breathable, and can wick moisture away. Use a pad or even a towel to keep the area safe from sweat. And that talc-free powder can be a great relief.

What do I do when I want to shower after my c-section?

Now, at some point, you’ll want a shower. And even more so if you’re sweaty. So, how do you do that without upsetting the incision?

Most doctors recommend keeping the area dry for about 48 hours after your c-section. You can ask before your delivery about this. It also depends on what kind of stitches and wound dressings they use.

A bath is not recommended, but a shower is fine. You’ll want to avoid getting dressings wet, though.

In China, they told me I couldn’t shower after my c-section. My friends back home that had c-sections thought this was weird as they weren’t told not to shower.

But I was permitted if I got a waterproof dressing. So, my husband tracked it down, and I could shower without worry.

No waterproof dressing? No problem! You can use a rubber glove or even a plastic bag if you can get it to cover your wound completely.

Should you get it wet by mistake, simply dab the stitches dry with a clean towel. Make several passes so that you get all the moisture up.

And try not to worry. This is only temporary…both the sweating and the avoidance of getting your c-section incision wet. Soon, you’ll be able to shower freely and without worry. Well, you’ll worry plenty but not about this, believe me!

What to do if your hormones are bothering you

If you can’t stand those hormones making you feel sweaty and just bad inside your mind, talk to your doctor. Please do. Because I’ve had friends with postpartum depression, and they’ve gone through such challenges.

Talking to your doctor can help because they can find a way to bring balance back to your mind and body. Then you’ll start feeling like yourself again. You got this!

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