Did You Know There Are 5 Different Types of Baby Bassinets?

Once you decide to use a bassinet, it’s time to compare the different types of baby bassinets to determine which one works best for your child. Picking the type of bassinet you want makes shopping much easier – it narrows down the options dramatically. 

Here are the different types of baby bassinets that you might consider buying.

5 Types of Baby Bassinets 

Let’s look at the five kinds of bassinets you can buy for your baby. 

Co-Sleeper Bassinet 

Sometimes called bedside bassinets, these hook to the side of your bed. Typically, they attach with straps to the underside of your mattress. A folding side should give you clear access to your baby.

These bassinets are ideal for moms who want to keep their babies as close as possible. Your baby will be right beside you on a separate sleeping surface, safe but close. Another option is to get an adjustable stand that brings your baby to eye level with you, such as the Halo Swivel Sleeper.

A solid choice for a co-sleeper bassinet is the Mika Miky Bedside Sleeper. It has seven height positions to match your bed, with mesh sides for breathability and an easy-open side panel for beside mode. It has wheels to let you move it from place to place. 

Freestanding Bassinets 

A freestanding bassinet does not need to be attached to your bed. These can sit near your bed or place further away. That’s up to you! Also, since most of them have wheels, you can move them into the living room or wherever you want your baby to sleep. 

You might envision a classic bassinet with a half hood over the top. Typically, they have some sort of basket underneath for diapers or extra clothes.

One of the best-rated choices is the Delta Children Deluxe if you want a freestanding bassinet. It’s a bassinet with lights, sounds, and wheels. Plus, it’s utterly adorable!

Multipurpose Bassinet 

These bassinets serve multiple purposes. It might be used as a bassinet and as a playpen. This practical choice is worth your money because you can get more extended use out of them. They can be used for a wide variety of ages, and some have a changing station included. 

The Graco Pack ‘n Play On The Go Playard is an affordable choice. This is a full-sized infant bassinet that folds compactly. It has a dangling toy bar and can later be used as a playpen. Plus, it has mesh on all four sides and wheels for convenience.

Travel or Portable Bassinet 

Do you often travel or plan to go on a few trips before your baby is old enough to leave the bassinet? If so, a travel bassinet could be an ideal choice.

These bassinets fold up compactly, perfect for a trip to grandma’s house or a vacation to the beach. Make sure it’s easy to disassemble and surrounded by breathable mesh. 

A fantastic choice for a travel bassinet is the MiClassic All Mesh Bassinet Folding Travel Crib

Moving Bassinets

Many babies sleep better with some sort of movement. It makes sense! In the womb, babies tend to sleep during the day when you’re up and moving because your movements soothe them to sleep. 

So, when they are earthside, they miss that movement. They like the gentle rocking, swaying, and bouncing. If your baby sleeps better with some sort of movement, consider a bassinet that offers mobility.

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Using a moving bassinet is safer than letting your baby sleep in a swing. It’s also unsafe to use inclined sleepers because they increase the risk of position asphyxiation.

If your baby would love a moving bassinet, try the Fisher-Price Soothing Motions Bassinet. It offers a calming swaying motion that your baby will love. It also has soothing projections and nightlights.

Getting a Bassinet

As you can see, not all bassinets are the same, and each type of baby bassinet serves a particular purpose. Think about how you want to use your bassinet, and it’ll help you decide.

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