How Fundal Massage Can Help After Miscarriages or Abortions

Two points can happen to a woman in her life that are equally difficult in opposite ways. One is a miscarriage, where all your hopes for having that sweet baby have dashed away instantly. The other is having an abortion.

I do not have personal experience with either event, but I have friends who have endured each. I cannot pretend to understand the feelings they’ve gone through entirely, but I opened my whole heart without judgment or saying anything insensitive. I found that often, hugs were the best thing to dole out in either of these situations.

Should you have a miscarriage or choose to have an abortion to terminate a pregnancy, you may have questions about fundal massage. This type of un-fun massage I’ve been writing about recently is often necessary for preventing postpartum hemorrhages.

However, uterine massage after miscarriage and abortion can also prove beneficial.

What to Know About Uterine Massage After Miscarriage or Abortion

First off, if you have a miscarriage, your body is under high stress. A uterine massage may effectively alleviate this stress and help you recover.

Miscarriages can be physically painful on top of being emotionally traumatic. You’ll undergo cramping, muscle tension, and back pain.

As such, a uterine massage can help you improve your physical wellness and help your body get ready for a successful conception in the future. A uterine massage helps relieve stiff muscles and reduce your physical pain.

belly massage

However, as miscarriages are tricky, it’s best to choose someone experienced in uterine massage to help you. It can help your body expel any old materials left behind and get you back to your normal menstrual cycle.

With a miscarriage, the abdominals, back, and hips can be affected. A uterine massage can reduce the tension and pain here. It also helps boost oxygen and blood flow to these tissues, allowing your body to remove toxins better and nourish those muscles. This will help improve their function.

Additionally, having a uterine massage after a miscarriage can release endorphins that naturally help your pain. Your lymph flow will also increase to bolster your immunity.

And this type of massage helps restore hormonal balance. This can be beneficial to reproductive health and improve fertility.

As for abortions, according to Planned Parenthood, uterine massages are recommended frequently after this procedure. If you decide to get an abortion, even though all this is hard for you, be sure to ask how often to do the uterine massage. The staff at the clinic or your doctor can help you learn how to properly perform this massage therapy on yourself to help your uterus heal. They’ll also tell you when to start doing it and when it is no longer necessary.

When to Do the Uterine Massage?

If you have experienced a miscarriage in your first trimester, you should wait until you see no more bleeding before getting a uterine massage. In the second or third trimesters, you should wait about a week. I recommend speaking to your doctor no matter which trimester you lost your baby so you can properly help yourself heal.

For either scenario – miscarriage or abortion – it can help you recover more rapidly, at least in a physical way. As for emotions, there is no timeline for that. Take your time and get help by signing up for counseling. Your doctor can recommend someone in your area that you can speak to so you can start healing mentally from these very challenging situations. I wish you all the best of luck and loads of love.

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