Itchy C-Section Scar Years Later: Why It’s Happening and What to Do

Is your c-section scar suddenly itchy again even though it’s been years since you had your c-section? If so, it’s no cause for panic. This happens to many women!

Why your c-section scar may itch years later

Sometimes, changes in weight or your skin can cause itching. This is especially true if your skin is drier. And if you have keloid scars, these can most definitely feel itchy years later.

Keloid scars are created when your body builds more collagen to help heal your wound. But as your body continues to recover, that new tissue stretches and leads to itchiness.

OMG…is it infected?

Don’t worry, Mama! If your c-section scar is only itchy and there are no other symptoms, it’s okay. You should only worry if the incision area has become red and swollen, is leaking out pus, and you have a fever. At that point, you’d need to call your doctor.

How to stop this incessant c-section itching years later?

If you’re reading this because you’ve just had your c-section and are worried it will itch years later, you will want to take time for your body to heal and close that wound properly. Eating healthy foods full of vitamins and getting gentle exercise like walking until you get the all-clear from your doctor is the way to go.

For itchiness on your c-section incision years later, here are the best ways to handle it.

  • Moisturize

Using moisturizing creams and oils can help nourish your dry skin and stop the itching. Vitamin E oil is excellent for older scars to keep skin from being so dry and reduce itching. Coconut oil and cocoa butter can also help.

she shows her abdomen wound
  • Massage

Massaging the scar tissue is great at the beginning of healing, but it is also useful if you’ve had your c-section scar for a while. You should use small, circular motions with gentle pressure above and below your scar.

Moving your fingers up and down under and above the scar line can also help pinch and roll your skin. However, if it hurts, stop. Your massage should only apply gentle pressure.

You can also look for a massage therapist that is experienced with postpartum massage. They will know exactly how to treat your scar.

Final thoughts on itching years later on that c-section scar…

If you have a keloid scar on your c-section incision, try not to worry unless it’s showing signs of infection. It will eventually smooth over, though if it’s bothering you, talk to your doctor.

For many mamas, years after a c-section, the problem is often dry skin. If you take steps to keep your skin hydrated, you’re less likely to find an itching c-section scar years down the road.

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