Waxing Philosophical on Waxing Post C-Section: What to Know

Hi ladies! So if a c-section is on your horizon or you’ve just had one, you might wonder when you can feel like a woman again rather than a hairy mess that desperately needs preening. I get it.

I remember that about a week before I went into labor and had my emergency c-section with my eldest, I just gave up trying to shave anything below my armpits. When everything we planned didn’t go as planned, and the c-section was imminent, I remember them shaving me down there.

It all happened so quickly, but they do this to pave the way, so to speak. They use clippers because shaving with razors, even when done correctly, can leave little nicks in your skin. These small nicks are dangerous as they could invite infection. It’s best to leave this up to the professionals, but you might be wondering…can I wax before a c-section?

Waxing Before Your C-Section

Technically, you CAN do so, but I’d advise doing it well before the delivery date. With my second, I went into labor one week before our scheduled c-section date. You surely don’t want to go for a Brazilian or bikini wax the day before.

My friend Denise was living on South Beach in Miami when she was pregnant (she’s since moved from the pulsating chaos that is synonymous with the city). Being in Miami, it’s hot, and you’re almost always in a bikini, even when you’re pregnant.

Denise got a Brazilian wax about one week before her c-section and said it was one of the most painful things ever until she started recovering from her c-section.

And Denise is the kind of gal who was a regular for Brazilian waxing and never batted an eye with the pain. So, you can certainly do it if there’s enough time, but you just might be a bit more sensitive down there than usual.

How Long After a C-Section Until You Can Wax Again?

hair removed by wax

Ok, so let’s move on to Brazilian waxing after a c-section or even getting a bikini wax after a c-section. What’s the deal there?

Well, you’re simply going to have to wait it out. Leg waxing after a c-section is different if you can endure the pain. But anything near your vaginal area isn’t advised at this time.

Your body needs time to heal in the area of your incision. Pulling at the skin with wax to rip out those menacing hairs could impede your healing time. Most doctors advise that you wait it out until you either don’t have stitches (if you received them), there are no scabs, or you’re not swollen.

You’ll be waiting for about 6 weeks, possibly up to several months.

Again, I insist you speak to your doctor about it during your postpartum checkup. He or she can tell you if you’ve healed enough or if you should wait. If you can’t stand feeling hairy down there, you can certainly shave; however, please remember that swimming and activities like that aren’t recommended during this time.

There will be plenty of time to reveal your non-pregnant body once again. For now, take the time to give your body what it needs to heal, and you’ll be much better off!

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