Attention Parents: Be Cautious – Baby Loungers Can Be Unsafe When Used Improperly!

Over the last few years, baby loungers have increased in popularity, but many parents question whether baby loungers are safe. These pillows look comfortable and useful, but improper use has gained them a reputation for being dangerous.

Baby loungers are useful when used correctly. Many of these pillows are multi-purposeful, and used for sleeping, breastfeeding, and tummy time. Like so many other items, improper use can lead to dangerous results.

Here’s what you need to know to keep your baby safe.

Baby Loungers Aren’t Always Safe

You see ads of peacefully sleeping babies or ads from retail companies showcasing babies asleep in their loungers. That gives you the false (and dangerous) idea that these pillows are designed for unsupervised sleep. 

Some of these loungers call themselves “nests” or “anti-rolling” baby items, but the FDA states that these products can lead to suffocation and death. It’s highly recommended that parents do not use these products to put their babies to sleep.

When you’re struggling to get your baby to sleep, any product that helps your baby sleep more than an hour or two can feel like a godsend. However, parents have to know the truth. Very few pillows are FDA, or CPSC approved for safe-sleeping. 

These loungers might tell you that they help babies with reflux and that you can use them in multiple locations. That makes parents think that they’re safe to use in cribs or bassinets when that isn’t the case. Usually, the website has it in fine print somewhere that these should not be used in cribs or for overnight sleep, but when your friends tell you how well it works, it’s hard to ignore.

Note that:

The overwhelming agreement is that baby loungers are only safe to use when parents can supervise their babies and not use them for sleeping. Babies can turn or roll in padded loungers, causing them to suffocate. In some countries, loungers are banned!

How to Keep Your Baby Safe in a Lounger

If you still want to use a lounger, here are some simple tips to remember.

Don’t Use Them At Night

Using a lounger at night is tempting, so your baby can catch a few more hours of sleep. However, you should never use it at night when you can’t keep an eye on your baby. They’re more meant for daytime use when your baby is lying on the floor.

Pick Breathable Fabric

Look for a lounger that has breathable material. Does only this help with keeping your baby cool and comfortable, but it also acts as a safety net to prevent suffocation. However, just because it’s a breathable fabric doesn’t mean suffocation is impossible!

Do NOT Co-Sleep With Loungers

Despite some of the marketing ploys, loungers are not meant for co-sleeping. While some parents think the higher sides make it harder for parents to roll over on a baby if they opt to bedshare, these loungers increase the overall risk of suffocation. Keep them out of your bed and any of any bedside options you selected for your child. 

Final Thoughts

They are safe for use if you’re not using a baby lounger unsupervised. A lounger is great for tummy time or even nursing your baby. However, please remember that these loungers are not safe for unsupervised nighttime sleep, and it’s recommended that they are not placed in cribs or bassinets.

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