Parents! Always Pay Attention to the Exersaucer Age and Weight Limit

If you decide to get your child an exersaucer, you must ensure that you introduce it at the right time. That means introducing it based on the correct age and weight limit. 

You might be anxious to see what your child thinks of his new exersaucer, but you shouldn’t rush the process. These limits are created to match your baby’s average developmental milestones. 

So, let’s take a look at these recommended limits. 

When Can I Put My Baby in an Activity Center?

Exersaucers come in a multitude of models, and all of them are different. So that means they are all meant for different ages. It’s important to note that there isn’t a set age limit for when you can put your baby into an activity center because it’s based on your child’s milestones. 

Here is how you know that your baby is ready for an activity center.

Your Child Sits Without Support

The best milestone to base this decision off of is when your baby can sit comfortably without support. That means your baby can be in the seat with balance. 

Putting your baby into an activity gym without the ability to sit independently increases the risk of injuries. Your child will wobble around, and he won’t be able to explore all of the toys around him. 

He Can Pull Up and Stand 

When your baby pulls themselves to stand, it means that the bones, muscles, and ligaments in their legs and feet are strong enough to support their body weight. Until this happens, your baby cannot stand properly in an exersaucer. 

If you introduce before this stage, your baby’s legs and feet will be too weak, and that could lead to complications.

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An Exersaucer Age Limit 

Pediatricians advise that babies use an exersaucer between six to seven months old. If you wait until the proper age, it avoids poor posture and spine disorders that could cause joint strain. Putting your baby into an exersaucer too early can lead to joint degeneration. 

Doctors also recommend that you stop using an exersaucer after 24 months old or 30 inches tall. It can affect their sturdiness, and most two-year-old children no longer want to be in an activity center.

When Should I Stop Using an Activity Center?

Aside from paying attention to the age limit of the activity center, you should also look at the weight limit. Most have a weight limit between 25-30lbs; it depends on the brand and design you select. 

Never put a child into an exersaucer after the designated weight limit. It could cause the center to break, potentially injuring your child. Companies test their products up to their weight limit, not beyond the limits. So, the product can break.

Pay Attention

Manufacturers set the age and weight limit for exersaucers, and parents need to consider those recommendations. These limits are set with the utmost care for your child, so look at your limits before using the exersaucer with your child.

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