Don’t Pick Between a Baby Walker or Jumper or Exersaucer Without Knowing the Differences!

As your baby gets older, you’ll want to get something to keep your baby stimulated while also giving him an opportunity for physical exercise. That is when you’ll find yourself comparing a baby walker vs. jumper vs. exersaucer, pondering the best option for your baby. 

I’ve tried all of them with my four kids, and I can tell you that they are excellent choices! Your baby will enjoy having access to one of these options, so it’s genuinely all about personal preference.

Let’s take a look at a quick comparison.

Baby Walker vs. Jumper vs. Exersaucer

I’m going to quickly talk about the critical differences for each of these products. All three of these products have similarities, mainly because there are so many different options for each type.

Here’s what you need to know.

Baby Walkers

Baby using a walker

These products are designed to let babies who aren’t yet mobile walk, letting them move on their own around their homes. Walkers have wheels, and most of them have a seat that holds the baby above the floor and a tray. Some walkers, particularly the sit to stand design, don’t have seats, so your child pushes them around.

Walkers are a controversial choice for parents. There are dangers, especially if you have stairs. Children should not be left unattended, nor should they spend extended periods in walkers. Learn more about safe usage here.

In general, you can use these when your child holds his head up and sits up independently. 

Baby Jumpers

Does your baby love to stand on your lap and jump? If so, a baby jumper is a great choice. As you might have guessed from the name, these allow your baby to jump and have fun at home.

You have three different choices for jumpers.

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  • Doorway jumpers hook onto the frame of your doors and let your child jump up and down. These are the cheapest option. 
  • Activity jumpers have a seat, similar to walkers, with either springs or a moveable base. They also have toys or other activities to keep your child entertained, aside from the jumping motion. 
  • Standalone jumpers are jumpers that are suspended from a frame. These are the least common and are typically only used if you don’t have doorframes suitable for a doorway jumper. 

Baby jumpers can be used from four months of age and above. Your child needs to be able to hold his head up and develop some core strength. 


Exersaucers originally started with the brand Evenflo as a safer alternative to baby walkers. Instead of being mobile like a walker, exersaucers are stationary and keep your child in one place, but still gives them the seated, fun experience associated with a walker. 

Babies stand in an exersaucer (with an available seat for comfort) and explore all of the attached toys. Brands add a large variety of musical toys with lights and others that are great for manipulation. 

These are NOT mobile, but parents can pick them up and move them manually. They’re not portable in the sense that your child cannot move himself around the room. Babies with neck and core muscles can use these; they shouldn’t flop around in the seat.

Something about Jumperoo:

You might wonder what a Jumperoo is. A Jumperoo is an exersaucer, but it’s suspended from three or four cables covered in fabric. Your baby sits in a seat that is surrounded by toys and a tray. The cables are adjustable, so you can move them up as your baby gets taller.

Jumperoo is a unique type of exersaucer because it allows your baby to jump rather than just stand in place. The cables give your baby a bit of a bounce, so kids love these.

What Should I Pick? ?

Which one you decide to use is entirely up to you. If your house has stairs or potential dangers, a walker might not be the best choice. If you’re on a tight budget, a doorway jumper is the cheapest choice. Exersaucers come in a broad range of sizes, prices, and designs. None of these is a wrong choice – it just comes down to a matter of preference.

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