Avoid Injury to Your Child and Learn The Safe Way to Use a Baby Walker

Baby walkers are a controversial subject with doctors and parents disagreeing about whether they should be used for kids. If you decide that you want one, you need to focus on using a baby walker safely for the overall best experience.

It might seem like these are simple tips, and they are. Baby walkers caused thousands of injuries over the decades, and most of these injuries are preventable. Take a look at these safety tips, and your baby has a decreased risk of any damage or trauma while in a walker.

Here is when you should introduce a baby walker to your child.

How to Use a Baby Walker Safely

Use in the Right Areas

The safest place to use a walker is on a flat surface that doesn’t have any objects nearby. If your child can tip something over, then it’s not a safe area. Make sure things such as your TV or dressers are secured to the wall.

Avoid Hot Objects

Now that your baby is mobile, hot objects are reachable, so that cup of hot coffee you left on your counter is now a danger. Block off ovens, radiators, fireplaces, space heaters, and anything that might be hot. 

Check the Locking Mechanisms

Make sure that all of the locking mechanisms work correctly. That includes the brakes and the mechanisms that lock the walker open.

Block the Stairs

Stairs cause most of the injuries from baby walkers, so you need to pay the most attention. You should never use a walker when stairs are near, but you still need to be cautious if they aren’t near. The idea behind a walker is that your child will be mobile, so eventually, he will find the steps in your house.

It would be best if you had a safety gate at the top of the steps to prevent a fall. However, don’t use spring-loaded or pressure-mounted gates at the top of the stairs. Those need tension to stay upright, and your baby can easily knock them over by running into them with a walker.

Look for hardware-mounted gates that are designed to be used near steps.

Supervise Your Baby

Even if you pick the walker with a brake, you should always watch your baby and keep him in view. Brakes can stop working, so you need to know where your baby is and watch him at all times. 

Check Often for Broken Pieces

Like anything else, baby walkers can have broken pieces. Your baby will run it into all of the walls and furniture throughout the house, so check for broken or damaged parts. 

Never Carry with Your Baby Inside

It can be tempting to pick up the walker with your child inside if you need to move your baby from one area to another. However, that’s a dangerous thing to do. 

Not only does it risk you accidentally falling because of the walker’s weight, but the seat fabric could rip. If that happens, your child has a much higher of a fall.

Don’t Use Near Bodies of Water

It can be tempting to use this baby gear if you’re visiting the lake or at the pool, but this is a dangerous idea. Your baby could fall into the water and be stuck in the walker, quickly leading to drowning.

Keep Your Baby Safe

Your baby’s safety is the number one concern. Even though walkers are controversial and can be dangerous at times, learning how to use a baby walker safely significantly decreases any risks that your child might experience. Be watchful and vigilant for any possible problems.

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