Be Well! How to Stay Healthy When Your Schedule’s a Mess from Traveling!

Once you get into a rhythm of taking care of your health at home, everything falls into place. Perhaps you’ve got your weekly menus of healthful meals you make, you never snack after dinner, and you always hit the gym. Maybe you even take your vitamins too to make sure whatever germs your kids come into contact with at school you won’t be taken down like a lion on a gazelle.

But when you travel, your schedule is off. Your “norm” is off. And you’ve got all kinds of things going on that can affect your health. There are three major things you should focus on while traveling to stay healthy.

Those things are diet, exercise, and wellness. I’m going to give you my best healthy travel tips that encompass all three of these aspects so that wherever you go, whether it’s for business or pleasure, you can feel your best.

Diet While Traveling

If you saw my post about our Disney cruise, you know that eating and enjoying yourself are a big part of traveling. But there are some things you can do to prevent from undoing all your efforts at losing weight.

How can I maintain weight while traveling?

Simple! Follow these tips:

Drink water during hot weather
Water is your friend!
  • Always drink water

On my cruise, I was guzzling the stuff. I couldn’t get enough of it. Often when I did order an alcoholic beverage, I asked for water alongside it. Staying hydrated is vital for your whole body. It keeps your cells thriving to prevent germs from making you sick, it brings oxygen to all your parts, and it helps you feel full, so you don’t eat 10 plates at the buffet.

  • Eat slowly

Mindful eating will help keep you from snarfing up an entire plate of food in seconds. Savor each bite, and by the end of that plate, you’ll feel satisfied. Try to do as the Japanese call Hara Hachi Bu, which means to be 80% full instead of by tuning into your body. It takes your brain time to get the message from your belly that you’re full, so listen to it!

  • Choose only your favorites

If there’s a buffet-style meal, take a walk through the entire buffet first to see what’s there. Then formulate your game plan. Grab a little taste of your favorite foods and enjoy them. Make sure you get a plate just for salad and veggies too.

  • Focus on your veggies and fruits

Whenever you can, load up on veggies. You’ll give your body the key vitamins and nutrients it needs plus you’ll leave little room to eat unhealthy things. Whenever you see an opportunity to take fresh fruits, go for it! Bring them back to your room and stash them in the fridge for when you need a healthy snack.

Exercise While Traveling

Yes, you certainly want to see the things you came to see, but keeping up with your exercise routine is essential. Especially to balance out any of those lovely indulgences during your meals.

Walk everywhere

Whenever it’s possible, walk to where you want to go. On the cruise, I used my FitBit to track my steps, and you wouldn’t believe how many I’d get just by going from our room to the Oceaneer Club and back to change, then off to dinner. I had over 10,000 steps a day, easy.

Use the gym

If wherever you’re staying has a gym, use it. You’ll feel better and have more energy when you take a moment out for maintaining your health.

Go swimming

In a tropical climate, swimming is a great way to get exercise. You can do laps or do water aerobics. Plus, take your kids along, and you’ll get to spend time with them AND keep fit for the win!

Use an app for that

Ok, let’s say you are in a place that has no gym or pool. Then what? Try an app like Freeletics where you can get tons of different workouts you can do right in your own room, no weights required.

Wellness While Traveling

And now, let’s discuss wellness which encompasses quite a bit more than diet and exercise. Wellness is both physical and mental, and there’s much to cover here. You might be wondering how you stay healthy on an international flight and how to keep from falling ill while you’re far from home.

  • Take hand sanitizer along

On the cruise, at every entry point for restaurants and snacks, they handed out sanitizing hand wipes. In the Oceaneer Club, they made kids wash their hands in this special sanitation station. Even still, I had hand sanitizer in my bag just in case.

  • Take your vitamins

If you aren’t taking vitamins, start now ahead of your trip. Even if you’re a healthy eater, there are many vital nutrients we’re missing in our day-to-day. Take vitamins to help keep your immunity up even when you travel on international flights that mess with your circadian rhythm.

  • Get sleep

Make sure you get enough sleep during your travels too. You’re more susceptible to germs when you’re out of your element, and your body needs that rest period to build up new cells.

  • Protect your skin

If you want to keep your skin healthy while traveling, one of the best ways is to use SPF products. I talk about this in my other post. You’ll also find how to maintain hygiene when traveling there too.

  • Keep a good state of mind

Mental health is so important too. I love meditating to healing frequencies at home, but when I’m away, I use an app for that. I like Headspace because it has some shorter meditations which are great for getting a session in so you can get back to your vacation.

By taking care of all the aspects of health on your travels, you’ll be able to stay healthy and find your new “norm” until you get back home again. Have fun!

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