When Can I Lift My Toddler After C-section?

Recovering from a c-section is sometimes daunting, and it can be particularly cumbersome when you have a toddler at home who also needs your attention. Your OBGN advised you not to lift anything heavier than your baby after birth, but you might wonder how long until you can lift a toddler after a c-section.

I know that was on my mind a lot! I’ve had four c-sections, so aside from my first birth, I’ve always had a toddler at home that needs me. Your toddler needs to be put to bed, comforted, changed into clean clothes, and more. Not lifting your toddler is a particular challenge that I never enjoyed.

Here is what you need to know about lifting restrictions after a c-section.

How Soon Can You Lift a Toddler After a C-Section?

Your OBGYN will recommend that you follow lifting restrictions after a c-section. The standard recommendation is to not lift more than 10 to 15 pounds for several weeks post-surgery. They might tell you not to lift more than your baby, but my babies were around 10 pounds in my case.

A mother tickling and playing with toddler

Always talk to your OBGYN about their specific guidelines. Some might recommend waiting to lift for six weeks, but others suggest four weeks. In general, the consensus is to wait three to four weeks to lift anything heavier than your toddler.

While you might look okay outside, women must remember that we have a large wound inside our uterus after birth. Two incisions are made, and the internal incision that cuts into your uterus takes longer to heal than your external incision.

This recommendation is essential to follow so your incision stays closed and heals properly. You don’t want to damage your incision in any way while healing!

Safe Lifting After a C-Section

Once your doctor removes your lifting restrictions, always follow safe lifting techniques for the following weeks. When you lift your toddler, bend your knees and lift with your legs, not your back. Your leg muscles are stronger, and you’re less likely to injure yourself. 

I Need to Hold My Toddler; what Can I Do?

I know this frustration well! While you cannot lift your toddler while standing up, you can pull them onto your lap if seated. The best thing to do is sit on your couch or recliner and assist your child as he climbs onto your lap. 

Another tip is to get as much help as you can.

Ideally, your partner will stay home for several weeks to help you, but that’s not always possible. Ask your friends and family if they’d be willing to come to help you for a few hours throughout the week.

Final Thoughts

The early weeks of bringing your baby home should be enjoyable and memorable, but having a toddler at home can complicate matters. When it comes to how long until you can lift a toddler after a c-section, the general recommendation is to wait three to four weeks, but always speak to your OBGYN to be sure you’re cleared for lifting. 

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