Mom Tells All: Am I Really Going to Need a Nursery Glider?

No one wants to buy things that they don’t need, so you might wonder if you really need a glider in your nursery. There is a glider or rocking chair on each checklist for your baby’s nursery, but is it worth buying it? 

A Glider or Rocker is Needed

Yes, you do need it in your nursery! It should be an essential part of any baby’s nursery.

When your baby was in the womb, your constant walking and motions lulled your baby to sleep; a uterus has a lot of movement! Your baby loved how comforting and relaxing the womb was, so using a glider or rocking chair can give your baby that motion he needs to drift back to sleep. 

As you rock, it reminds him of the motion he felt in the womb. When combined with a full belly and warmth, it’s a guarantee to put your baby right to sleep.

That’s one of the reasons why rocking your baby to sleep is much more comfortable, and it’s been used for centuries to put babies to sleep. Rhythmic movement is your baby’s jam, and it helps him fall asleep. A sleeping baby is a real goal for any parent – let’s be honest! 

You’ll Spend A Lot of Time in The Glider or Rocker 

Not only can using a glider get your baby to sleep faster, but your baby will wake up quite often during the first few weeks of his life. Whether you’re breastfeeding or formula feeding, babies need to eat every two hours after birth. That means you’ll spend a lot of hours away, rocking and feeding.

Then, you have to get your baby back to sleep. Soon, those minutes add up into hours. You’ll find that you’re so happy that you add a glider or rocker to your nursery; it means you don’t need to go down into the living room to take care of your baby.

As your baby gets older, you might find yourself calming your toddler after a scary nightmare in your glider. It’s a great place to read books before bedtime.

A nice glider can be used for years to come, so you’ll find out that you spend a lot of time with your child. That makes it a necessity in my book!

Alternatives to Gliders or Rocking Chairs

Some parents don’t want to buy a glider for their nursery, but there are some alternative options. 

  • Regular Chair
  • Office Chair
  • Sofa
  • Recliner
  • Breastfeeding in Bed
  • Exercise Balls

Final Thoughts

If you’re wondering do you really need a glider in the nursery, the resounding answer is yes – you do! Whether you’re feeding your baby or rocking him to sleep, you’ll spend hours sitting with your child. It can be used for years, especially at night, when you need a place to get your baby to sleep. 

Since it is a necessity, don’t cheap out on this purchase. You’re going to spend a lot of time in it, and if you have more than one child, it needs to be able to last for years to come. This isn’t something you’ll regret buying when you look back.

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