Create Your Ideal Nursery with the Perfect Glider or Rocker: Here’s How!

When you’re making a furniture purchase, you want it to be a good choice, especially since a rocker or a glider costs money! Not only does having one gives you a comfy spot to feed or rock your baby back to sleep, but you’ll also read your baby books and spend time snuggling here. You’ll want to know how to choose a glider or a rocking chair for your baby’s nursery. 

Most parents pick either a rocker or a glider for nursery chairs. They have plenty of similarities, but their most significant difference is how they move. A rocker rocks on arched legs, while gliders more forward and backward on a track.

When you’re ready to shop for a nursery glider or rocking chair, here is what you should consider as you browse the options. 

A Supportive, Cushioned Seat

You’re going to spend a lot of time in your chair for long periods. You cannot discount supportive cushioning; it’s hands-down one of the essential features.

Look for a chair that has a high back for proper support for your head. Cushioned arms are a plus since you’ll be holding your baby in your arms for long periods. The seat cushion should be made of dense foam or springs for adequate support. If you can find a seat with a lumbar support pillow, that’s a bonus to enjoy. 

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Gliders and rockers are investments, so you want to make sure you pick one that is strong and has a well-built frame. You can use this chair for years, even as your child gets older. There is no reason to buy a chair for each child; it should be a one-time investment.

Most importantly, rockers and gliders all use wooden frames under the cushions. The wood used should be good quality and dependable. 

A Wide Seat

You don’t want to feel as if you shoved your hips into a place that they aren’t meant to fit. Women know what I mean; it’s not comfortable, and after childbirth, your hips might be wider than before.

When you’re feeding or comforting your baby, you want to have room to move and get comfortable. Chances are you’ll want to try different breastfeeding positions before finding the one that works well for your baby. Then, if you decide to use a nursing pillow, a wider seat gives you space to use one. 

Durable Fabric 

Babies are messy, plain, and simple, and this reality is inescapable. Your chair will catch spit-up, spills, and maybe some diaper explosions. These things happen.

You’ll want a chair that has woven fabric that won’t fray. The chair gets bonus points if it’s easy to clean and machine-washable. Not all chairs will have machine-washable fabric, though. 

Locking Mechanism

This feature is seen in gliders rather than rockers. Gliders have a track upon which the chair moves, and little fingers can easily get stuck. This feature is also nice because it stops the chair from moving when you’re trying to get out of the seat with a sleeping baby in your arms. 

Extra Features

It’s hard not to appreciate the extra features that gliders and rocking chairs offer. Think about how you plan to use the chair and what features will mean the most to you.

Here are some you might find. 😀


Many gliders offer an ottoman, which can be used as a footrest. It’s nice to have an ottoman to kick up your legs and relax. The ottoman should match your chair and decor. It’s worth paying extra money for one; they do wonders for aching legs and feet after a long day. 

360-Degree Swivel

Some gliders offer a 360-degree swivel function so that you can rotate your chair in all directions. Swiveling offers other motions that your child might enjoy. 


Some gliders offer a reclining feature with a pop-up footrest. The negative about a reclining feature is that you might be tempted to fall asleep while holding your baby. However, sleeping in a chair with your baby is dangerous.

USB Ports

You’re going to spend hours rocking your baby, so why not have some USB ports that let you charge your phone? You can listen to music or a podcast while rocking your baby to sleep

Should I Buy a Used Glider or Rocking Chair?

If you want to save a bit of money, a used glider or rocking chair can be a way to reduce your costs.

In most cases, buying secondhand is fine, but you should do your due diligence before purchasing. Look at the brand and be sure that there are no recalls on the model you’re considering. So long as there are no recalls and the chair is in good working order, then buying used is a great idea.

Final Thoughts

Picking the right glider or rocking chair for your nursery is a big decision. Since you’re going to spend plenty of money, make sure that your selection fits all of your needs. You’ll use this for years to come!

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