Super Sneaky Ways to Hide Apron Belly Until You Firm Up After Baby

For mamas with an apron belly, it can leave you feeling even more down in the dumps. You may have been overweight before pregnancy, or the weight you gained and lost could have left you with this souvenir.

Regardless of why you have an apron belly, it is something you can work on getting rid of in time. However, until you do, you may wonder how to dress to disguise it.

To hide an apron belly while pregnant or after having a baby, follow these tips to dress for success!

How to dress to hide an apron belly?

You can regain your confidence simply by knowing how to dress in a way that won’t make your apron belly stand out. Here’s how!

  • Get a belly wrap

Soft fabric belly wraps or hanging belly belts are essential items that can fit right underneath your clothing, with no one being the wiser. They’re soft, elastic, and breathable, helping you hold up sagging skin. And they can reduce swelling while relieving your back pain too. You really need this thing!

high waisted under pant for woman
  • Wear high-waisted underwear

You can also wear high-waisted underwear that has a stretchy elastic band. This will help tuck that apron belly in and also keep that area from chafing and sweating to keep you feeling comfortable.

  • Go for ruching styles

Ruched fabric that drapes itself creates a much more flattering look. When you wear tops that have this style rather than tight and clingy clothes, it can easily conceal your apron belly.

  • Know the golden rules for choosing tops

If you want to hide an apron belly and aren’t a huge fan of ruched styles, there are other ways to pull it off. Crossover tops, as do longer or asymmetrical shirts, also work well to mask things. These take the focus off of your midsection in an instant.

  • Go high-waisted with leggings

After having a baby, it takes time to shape up again. It also takes skin a while to return to what it looked like. Leggings can slim things up and keep you comfortable while looking your best. Choose the kind that provides a high-waisted fit that will tuck your stomach in.

  • Create vertical lines

Vertical lines elongate the body for an instantly slimmer look. Using long jackets or cardigans can easily make this happen for you.

  • Watch where you wear accessories

Belts may add more fashionable flair and style, but a belt right over the top of your tummy will just accentuate what you want to hide. Instead, when you need to use a belt to keep your pants up, you must set it higher than your tummy. For example, go for high-waisted jeans and use a belt, ensuring it is set higher than the apron belly to pull this look off.

  • Don’t tuck things in

Tucking things in at the waist for pants and skirts will make the apron belly stand out. Let them hang over the waistline.

  • Avoid bulky clothes

Clothes that are bulky in the midsection are not suitable for you. It will draw more attention to the area. What you want are vertical, loosely draped looks instead.

  • Create a diversion

For the styles of tops mentioned above, choose ones with prints. This will have a slimming effect.

  • Let another area shine

If you want to hide your apron belly, put the focus on another part of your body. Maybe you have killer legs, so show those off. Or, if you do not love any of it, choose a top that reveals your shoulders instead. One with prints would be even better for drawing attention away from the apron belly and bringing your assets into focus.

There’s certainly more to know about getting rid of an apron belly, so for tips on that, head to my other post about it. In the meantime, these hints for hiding an apron belly by dressing for it will help you through it!

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