Did You Know a Nursing Pillow is So Versatile?

A nursing pillow is a beneficial item to keep on hand even if you aren’t breastfeeding. These little c-shaped pillows help you keep your baby comfortable while feeding and gives your arms a break. 

Nursing pillows are multi-purposeful, and we all love that. Who doesn’t like when something that you buy can be used for several things? One pillow can last through all of your kids. 

If you buy one, make sure you know how to use it correctly. Just like anything else, you only reach the full-potential when you use it how it’s intended.

KidslyMom has reviewed some of the best nursing pillows available to buy today.

Using a Nursing Pillow While Breastfeeding

The first way that you can use these pillows is if you’re breastfeeding. You need to make sure you’re seated somewhere comfortable that provides back support. 

  1. Put your feeding pillow on your lap, wrapping around your waist. If it has straps, now is the time to connect them.
  2. Grab your baby, and place your baby on your pillow, resting on his side. Face your baby toward your body and the breast that needs to be fed first.
  3. Make sure your baby’s mouth is even with your breast. If it’s not, you might have to cradle your baby’s head. 
  4. Nurse your baby as you typically would!

You shouldn’t have to lean over your baby to feed her. If your baby isn’t high enough, you might need a second pillow for extra support or your arms to lift your baby.

How to Use a Pillow While Bottle-Feeding

You can use a nursing pillow to bottle-feed in nearly the same way as breastfeeding. The pillow supports your arm or your baby’s head as he eats. Make sure you’re seated somewhere comfortable that supports your back.

  1. Put the pillow on your lap around your waist.
  2. Place your baby on your pillow on his back, not his side. 
  3. Cradle your baby’s head and upper torso in your arm, resting your arm on the pillow.
  4. Use your free hand to hold the bottle and feed your baby!

Do Not Bottle Prop

Never use a pillow to bottle prop. Bottle propping leads to choking and potentially death. It’s not advised by any doctor to bottle prop.

If your baby cannot sit or hold a bottle independently, he isn’t developmentally ready to feed unassisted. That leads to choking because your baby is unable to remove the bottle; he might end up with too much milk in his mouth. Babies can even aspirate milk. 

Other Ways to Use a Breastfeeding Pillow

Aside from nursing or bottle-feeding, you can use a nursing pillow in several other ways. They really are versatile! Here are a few things you can try with these pillows. 

  • Use the pillow to have tummy time with your baby! 
  • These pillows can help your baby with assisted sitting to stop him from falling over too quickly.
  • It can be a substitute for a pregnancy pillow to help with comfortable sleeping.
  • If you have a c-section, these pillows can prevent a toddler from accidentally hitting your incision, and they take the pressure off of your incision while holding your baby.

Versatility Matters

One of the best things about these pillows is how versatile they are. You can use a nursing pillow in so many ways, and most brands aren’t expensive. They hold a must-have place on your checklist to get before your baby arrives.

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