Got Achey Hips? Use a Pregnancy Pillow for Immediate Relief

You can find a wide variety of pregnancy pillows, and each one can and should be used differently to get the most relief. These pillows should take away some of your aches and pains, but that’s only true if you use them correctly.

To get the most out of these pillows, let’s make sure you know how to use a pregnancy pillow. We’ll cover each of the five types!

When to Start Using a Maternity Pillow

There isn’t a specific time when you should start using a pillow for pregnancy. It would help if you started it whenever you begin feeling uncomfortable sleeping.

For many women, this happens around 20 weeks because your belly starts to expand. Your ligaments and other parts of your body grow and receive extra stress and pressure as your weight increases. 

20 weeks mark the half-way part of your pregnancy, so give it a shot before you start feeling uncomfortable sleeping.

How to Sleep with A Pregnancy Pillow?

Let’s look at how to use each type of pillow.

Using a Full-Length Pillow

These are a good choice if you:

  • Stay in one place as you sleep
  • Have a large bed or sleep alone
  • Love sleeping on your side
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The basic idea is that you’re going to cuddle this pillow all night. Put the pillow between your knees, under your belly, and wrap your arms around it. Make sure it’s as close to you as possible and get comfortable.

These pillows are either rigid or flexible. A flexible full-length pillow could be better if you like to sleep in different positions rather than straight on your side.

Using a Full-Body Pillow

This pillow could be right for you if you:

  • Have frequent back and hip pain
  • Stay in one place as you sleep
  • Want full-body support
  • Have plenty of space left in your bed
  • Enjoy sleeping on your side 

Looking at one of these pillows can be intimidating at first; they can be massive! They can either be U-shaped or C-shaped.

If you’re using a C-shaped pillow, the curve of the C is at your back. The top of the pillow goes under your head and put the bottom between your thighs. It should wrap up and go under your belly as well.

An excellent example of a C-shaped pillow is the Boppy Total – women love this one! Another solid choice for a total body pillow is the Leachco Snoogle.


A U-shaped pillow is a little different, and it can be used to sleep on your back as well. This style also makes it easier to roll from side to side. All you have to do is straddle one side of the pillow. The bottom part of the U provides a cushion under your head. If you want to turn over, it’s so easy; just flip sides. 

Using a Pregnancy Wedge 

Here is a popular pick, so if you’re wondering if it’s right for you, try this style of pillow if you:

  • Want specific support
  • Have a smaller budget 
  • Want versatility 
  • Don’t have a large bed or extra space in your bed

Pregnant women love wedges because they’re inexpensive, typically not costing more than $30. You can buy a circle or triangular wedge, and they’re so easy to use.

All you have to do is put the wedge under the area that you need support. Simple! If your belly needs support, slide the wedge under your stomach. If your hips hurt, put the wedge between your legs. Easy Peasy!

Using Inflatable Pillows 

This style of pregnancy pillows can be great if you:

  • Love sleeping on your stomach
  • Are on your third trimester
  • Want to be able to adjust the level of support
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It does take work because you need to inflate the pillow, but if you enjoy sleeping on your stomach, it’s worth the effort. These pillows feel sort of like an air mattress, and most include a pump for easy setup. 

To use this pillow, lay on top of it and make sure your baby belly goes into the hole provided. That’s it! Sometimes, you’ll want to add a blanket over the material if it’s not something you find comfortable.

Using a Pregnancy Pillow After You Have Your Baby

These pillows can be an investment, and it might be hard to spend that money if you think you have to stop using it after you have your baby.

The good news is that:

You can use them after pregnancy! Back and hip pain don’t stop after childbirth, so use it for support while sleeping. Many pillows can be used for breastfeeding afterward to help get your baby into a comfortable position while you’re in bed.

Think about bringing your pillow when you head to the hospital for childbirth. Hospital beds are notoriously uncomfortable, so bringing your huge pillow from home can help make the hospital sleep a bit comfier.

Final Thoughts

Figuring out how to use a maternity pillow is an essential part of feeling the relief it can offer. If you use it wrong, chances are you’ll think it was a waste of money, but when used correctly, your entire body will feel the relief it so desperately needs.

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