Don’t Buy Yet! Make Sure You Pick the Right Type of Pregnancy Pillow

Believe it or not, there are different types of pregnancy pillows, so you can’t just decide to buy one without looking to see which will be the best for you. Each one helps relieve different aches and pains. Many are an investment that can last you through multiple pregnancies, so picking the right one is essential.

Let’s take a look at the various types of pillows for pregnancy and which one is the best for you.

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Different Types of Maternity Pillows

There are five different types, and each type offers specific features to consider.

Total Body

Do you imagine a pillow that curves around your entire body, supporting you on all sides? If so, then you need a total body pillow. They are either C-shaped or U-shaped, supporting your back, head, belly, and hips. 

This is hands-down, the most popular type because you do get the most bodily support from it. It’s typically used throughout your third trimester. There are dozens of options, ranging from $40 to $80.


So, when you see a full-length pillow, you’ll quickly realize that they’re similar to a standard body pillow that you can buy at any store. It’s a longer version of the pillow you use under your head, but it can provide comfort by supporting your stomach or keeping your back in alignment. You also can keep a full-length pillow between your knees.

The significant difference between a total body and a full-length pregnancy pillow is that the full-length only supports one side of your body. It’s straight rather than being curved, but this style does typically have better fillings that can mold to your shape and provide better support.

These pillows greatly vary in price, ranging from $20 up to $80, depending on what type of materials and fillings you want. 


This style is popular because they’re versatile; you can use them during and after pregnancy. They’re called wedges because the shape does resemble a wedge of cheese. You can find this style of pregnancy pillow in both round and triangular shapes. 

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There are a few ways to use pregnancy wedges. The most common way to do so is to put it under your belly bump to add support. You also could use it between your legs or behind your back.

Let’s not forget they’re also some of the cheapest types of pregnancy pillows, so if you’re on a budget, this is the way to go. They typically cost between $20 to $30. 


As you might have guessed from the name, a bean pillow is bean-shaped and compact. Using a bean pillow is to give much-needed support to one specific spot on your body.

Bean pillows are portable, so bringing it to your office is no big deal. If you need lower back support because you sit in an office chair for hours, a bean pillow is a great help. If your hips need assistance by keeping a pillow between your knees at night, try this style.

This style ranges from $20 to $35.


This is the least common choice for a maternity pillow, but it can provide comfort for you. These pillows are specifically ideal for women who love to sleep on their stomachs. Pregnancy makes it hard to do so, but if you sleep on an inflatable pillow, there is a hole cut out that makes belly sleeping possible without putting pressure on your baby. 

While they might seem a bit awkward, inflatable pillows deflate, making them portable and easy to store. You also can adjust how much air to add so that you can create your comfort level. 

This style typically costs between $50 to $70. 

Picking the Right Type

You have to think about what problems you have to pick the right type of pregnancy pillow. Whether you have some hip pains or think you need full-body support, use your needs to figure out the right purchase for you. One of these pillows will help you get the much-needed sleep you require.

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