Tips to Care for Your Apron Belly the Proper Way!

If you have an apron belly, I have little doubt that it weighs heavily on how you feel about yourself. Mama, give yourself a break! Having a baby puts so much strain on your body.

Some mamas may develop an apron belly after pregnancy. And while you can get rid of it through diet and exercise or try some other procedures, these things take time.

Keeping it clean and dry is incredibly important, though. If you don’t, it can cause irritation that leaves you feeling uncomfortable all the time. You’ve got enough to deal with as a mama…don’t let an apron belly get you down!

How do you take care of an apron belly?

While an apron belly itself isn’t painful, it can cause irritations that will be painful themselves. The best thing you can do as you work to get rid of it through diet and exercise is to keep it clean and dry. Here’s what to do!

  • Practice good hygiene

Good hygiene is essential when caring for an apron belly. This will prevent rashes and skin issues from irritating you.

bath soap

Because of how an apron belly is, the skin can rub together, which causes chafing and can trap moisture and heat, leading to rashes. Wash well with a gentle soap and water bar, then pat the area dry.

You can also prevent things from getting to the point of irritation with these pads. They help soak up moisture in that fold to keep you dry and stop irritations before they start.

You could also try high-waisted cotton underwear. This will tuck the apron belly in and keep the skin from rubbing together. I recommend cotton because it’s so breathable, and that’s why you want to maintain proper airflow for your best comfort.

  • Try an anti-chafing cream

In addition to keeping things clean and fresh in the area of your apron belly, an anti-chafing cream may be of assistance. This is ideal, too, if you’ve tried those belly pads and found them cumbersome.

Some people love them, while others hate them, so I wanted to give you another alternative. The one in the link is a balm, though, which is a lot less messy than other types of creams for this. Everyone seems to adore this particular brand, and it’s got lots of positive feedback so if you’re not keen on having a pad for your apron belly, try this!

  • Wear support bands

To keep your apron belly area free of chafing and irritation, you should also wear an apron belly support band. These are designed to help lift the area and keep it from rubbing the skin together.

Even better, they support your back too. All that extra weight in the front and carrying your baby around takes its toll. Trust me here; taking care of your back is an essential step. It will also help you feel comfortable when you exercise, so you can work on strengthening and getting your body back to its pre-baby shape.

About that…please, mamas, be patient. It takes time to put everything back where it once was. But if you nourish yourself with healthy foods and get some exercise, everything should fall into place.

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