Can I Use a Blowout Blocker to Stop Leaks?

I fondly recall the time my eldest was just a few months old, and my husband went to change her diaper. We were cooking when we heard her cry, and he said he’d go to her.

I carried on with cooking until I heard a shriek. Apparently, while he was a mid-diaper change (a messy one as it was), she pooped again right into his hands. He screamed because he wasn’t sure what to clean first.

Today, we live in a wonderful world where you can buy blowout blockers to add to diapers for extra protection. These are great if your baby often makes that poopie mess in the middle of the night for car rides and any long-distance traveling.

Diaper Extender Pad

Diaper blowout blockers add an extra barrier between the diaper mess and your baby’s clothes. This will help contain the mess, so it’s not all over the clothing and bedding. They can secure any diaper and keep the mess from oozing out.

Here’s an interesting story:

My friend Amanda called me not long ago to catch up, and she had quite the story to tell me. Her youngest son, Joseph, was merely 6 months old at the time. She took her older children to school (one in elementary and one in middle) and then ran to the supermarket.

She went to take Joseph out of his car seat, and that’s when it hit her. The smell. The mess. All of it. Fortunately, Joseph is an easy-going baby, so he seemed not at all troubled about it, as she described to me, which made it almost impossible not to laugh. She said he sat there gleefully in his filth, which was everywhere.

Amanda tried to pick him up to clean him, and it got everywhere. It was such a mess; she wound up just driving them both home. She had to clean him, clean herself, the car seat, and the car too. She picked up the diaper blowout blockers from then on and is happy to report that every mess has been safely contained.

So if you keep trying different diapers and have blowouts or you’re worried about a mess in the car or when you go far, get them.

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