Safety First: Know Your Baby Swing Age and Weight Limit

Sometimes, all parents need to have their hands free, and using a baby swing gives you moments of peace while your baby swings and relaxes. Baby swings lull your baby into a peaceful sleep, but parents do need to understand the right age and weight limit for it. 

It can be hard to determine when to start or stop using a baby swing. You might have some questions.

“Can I use my baby swing as soon as I bring my baby home from the hospital?”

“How do I know when it’s time to stop using the baby swing?”

We’re going to cover all of this and more, so let’s take a look! 😀

When Can I Start Using a Baby Swing?

Safe baby swing for the baby

You can use a baby swing as soon as you bring your baby home from the hospital. As long as it lays backward and your baby has some support, so his head doesn’t flop over, you can use it for your baby.

If you want your baby to accept and love the swing, it’s best to introduce it right away. Typically, that gives your baby time to adjust, and you can find just the right settings to make your new cherub happy. 


If your baby is premature, be sure to speak to your pediatrician before introducing a baby swing.

If you have an outside swing, those cannot be used until your baby can sit independently, typically around six months old. For those swings, they need to have full neck and head control, and it’s best if they have core abdominal muscles to stop them from wobbling around as you swing them.

Is There an Age Limit?

Most manufacturers don’t set an age limit for their swings; all babies are different. Some babies are ready to give it up around six to eight months, but others love theirs up until a year old.

What Are The Weight Limits for Baby Swings?

The actual weight limit for your particular swing will depend, and that’s something you should consider when you’re picking out the right baby swing for your child.

Most baby swings have a weight limit between 25-30lbs, but that’s a big range for infants.

How Do I Know I Need to Stop Using a Baby Swing?

Are you wondering if the time for the baby swing is coming to an end? Here are some ways that you know its time to pack it away.

  • Exceeds Age or Weight Limit

If your child exceeds the designated weight or age limit (if there is one), then you need to put it away. This is particularly important for weight limits because they are only safety tested up until that weight limit. 

So, if you try to put a 35lb baby into a swing that is designed for babies who weigh no more than 30lbs, it could damage the motor or cause the swing to break.

  • Tries to Climb Out

When your child starts to try to climb out of the swing, you know it’s time for it to go. That puts your child’s safety on the line. If he can get out of the harness, he could fall out of the swing and injure himself.

  • Throws a Tantrum about Using the Swing

If your older infant throws a tantrum each time you try to put him into the swing, it’s probably time to pack it again. If your child is in the swing kicking and trying to get out, it can pose a safety risk. Babies have died after falling from baby swings, so always be cautious.

Use Baby Swings Wisely

It’s always essential to pay attention to the baby swing age and weight limits. These are crucial pieces of information that you need to be sure you’re using the swing in the safest way possible. Your baby always needs to be safe. 

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