Mark Your Calendars for National Lazy Mom’s Day in 2022!

Are you today years old and finding out that there is a National Lazy Mom’s Day?

Don’t feel bad. I didn’t know until recently, either.

It’s the first Friday in September, so the next one will be on Friday, September 2, 2022. I know that’s a way’s away. But now you can mark your calendar and prepare to make some plans.

Because as you know, spring flies by and turns into summer. And then the next thing you know, you’re buying school supplies and shuttling the kids out the door to the school for another year that flies by.

Before you know it, this holiday will quickly be here.

Who do we have to thank for this holiday?

I wish I knew! I have been scouring the internet and haven’t found a single shred of evidence about how this originated. All I can see is that it exists, and hey, that’s good enough for me.

What to do for National Lazy Mom’s Day?

The biggest thing about National Lazy Mom Day is that you should do something for yourself. And you should shirk some of those responsibilities, like cleaning, for example. The world won’t end if you skip a few chores for a day.

In fact, that’s how the kids and husband can help by picking up the slack you’re normally carrying.

mom being lazy celebrating

Another great idea…order takeout! For moms that have to work outside the home (or even in an office somewhere in the house), this may be the best way to celebrate if you can’t take the day off from your job. Grab your takeout menus and declare which place YOU want takeout from. Then order it and enjoy dinner as a family. And let everyone else clean up from it for a change.

Pamper yourself in some way. Maybe this is a day that you schedule your hair and nail appointments that you would put in your schedule anyway. Nothing makes you feel like royalty more than getting preened.

You can have your husband take care of the family while you sneak off with other moms for a while. It could be just for coffee. It could be for a meal. Or it could be for drinks and dancing. Whatever it is, let your voice be heard.

How to get what you want for National Lazy Mom’s Day

The idea with this holiday is that you just take a bit of a break from all the things you’re normally tasked with. Honestly, our families should be pulling more of the weight too. Why do we always have to carry it all?

Whoever came up with this holiday, THANK YOU!

Now, how to get what you want for this holiday…TELL your family.

Tell them you don’t want a bunch of gifts or anything. That you simply just want to lighten your load and have the freedom to be lazy for a day. You don’t want to scrub, polish, or wash anything. You don’t want to cook anything. You don’t want to be responsible for anything (or to at least have just a day of little to no responsibilities).

Let them know now and start normalizing this because you don’t want a bunch of surprised faces when September rolls around.

Whatever you do, though, it’s up to you. Be lazy! Enjoy putting your feet up. Stop rushing around. Let everyone else manage themselves for a change. It’s just one day, and with the hopeful exception of Mother’s Day, that will mean you have 363 days that you are always on top of everything.

It’s a shame we feel guilty for even asking for what we need to feel like the best version of ourselves. But if you need an excuse, there’s National Lazy Mom’s Day to come to the rescue!

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