20 Best Gifts for Overwhelmed Moms Who Need a Reminder They Rock

I WAS DEFINITELY OVERWHELMED when I was a new mama with my eldest as a tiny, wailing baby. Of course, that was not the only time I felt stressed and tired as a mom. My friend Denise said it best when she said that once you get used to things and feel like you’re doing a great job, the kids go into a different phase, and suddenly, you’re back at square one.

That’s so fitting because it is totally what mom’s life is like.

That got me thinking when I wrote my last post about all those moms that never take a break.

So, I thought, what would be the best gifts for overwhelmed moms? Gifts for overworked moms will be among the most appreciated of all.

Among the gifts for moms who need a break, stress relief gifts will be totally well-received. And hey, Mother’s Day isn’t too far away…maybe you can drop some hints for yourself about the best gifts for a tired mom. Or, you know, order one of them for your own mom, or for a friend who is knee-deep in diapers and desperately needs a reminder of how wonderful she is.

What do you send an overwhelmed mother?

mom with two messy kids

Need gifts for overworked moms? Maybe it’s her birthday. Perhaps she’s just your best friend you’re seeing struggling from afar. Maybe it’s a lot of things, but you know what? If you can brighten a fellow mom’s day with something that makes her feel appreciated, these 20 gifts will likely be the way to do it!

  1. Heated Massaging Pillow

What is one of the best ways to relieve stress? If you raised your hand to say “massage,” you’re the winner! A heated massaging pillow is the perfect stress relief gift for moms because she can plug it in even when she’s nursing or while reading to little ones. Though ideally, she’ll get a chance to use it during her very own break time.

  1. Bath Caddy Tray

This bath caddy tray is nice enough on its own, though if you throw in some essential bath oils with it, you’re going to really give the best gift for a burnt-out mom. It is made from bamboo and has a spot for everything, including a glass of wine and a good book.

  1. Aromatherapy Pendant

Give her calm in a place of chaos with an aromatherapy pendant. This pretty necklace diffuses her favorite essential oils when she needs it most.

  1. Essential Oils Set

Maybe this overwhelmed mom needs an array of essential oils to whisk her away. This set of essential oils will give her something to handle any mood. It has lavender, lemongrass, peppermint, tea tree, orange, and eucalyptus.

  1. Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser
oil diffuser

File this under gifts for moms who need a break! This aromatherapy essential oil diffuser is a must for any mom that is full of stress. And it looks so cool and modern too. You can pair it with the essential oils set for a gift that will keep on giving her good vibes no matter how turbulent life gets.

  1. Scalp Massager

It might look strange. And to anyone else, it WOULD be strange if not for how amazing this thing feels when you use it. This scalp massager has 20 prongs that feel like lovely little fingers rubbing your scalp and soothing your cares away. It’s easy to use and easy to take care of, the perfect combination for overwhelmed moms!

  1. Stress Relief Tea

Herbal teas are a lovely way for any mom to carve out time in her day to sip, savor, and destress. Even better, choose one made with kava which naturally promotes a more relaxed, buzzy-type of feeling. She’s going to love unwinding with this cup of tea!

  1. Acupressure Mat
tension relief mat

Acupuncture really can help relieve tension and stress. If your stressed-out mom friends can’t take the time to get to an appointment with an acupuncturist, give them the next best thing – this acupressure mat. Ok, I’ll admit this is even more bizarre-looking than the scalp massager, but these little spikes stimulate the pressure points just like acupuncture does, which can help her get the relief she needs any time she needs it.

  1. Foot Spa Set

One of the best gifts for overworked moms, especially those on their feet from the moment the sun rises until the sun sets, is this foot spa set. She can soak her feet, buff them up with the pumice stone, and moisturize those tootsies too. It’s incredible how much better you feel when you take a moment to indulge your feet, and indeed, any mama that gets this gift will feel the same!

  1. Spa Gift Certificate

Want something you can deliver via email? Something that she can use locally? Then make it a spa gift certificate. If you live nearby, you can help by watching the kids or getting someone to watch them while you snatch the stressed-out mom for a few hours so you can pamper and indulge together. But if you’re far away, a gift certificate to a spa so she can get a massage and luxuriate in style is really one of the perfect gifts of all.

  1. Easy Meals

As a mom that can stress out myself, I totally understand that overwhelmed feeling when it comes time to make meals. When your day is busy, and you want to take a moment to yourself, you feel selfish because everyone is hungry. No doubt, the perfect recipient of this gift will agree that easy meals will be the best gift for her.

You can choose a meal delivery service in your area that can either deliver fully-cooked meals to her door or meal kits that eliminate the shopping, guesswork, and stress from cooking.

Or you can even order her favorite takeout and have it delivered to surprise her one night. Add in a few extra orders of chicken tenders and fries for the kids, and you can’t beat a gift like this!

  1. Help with Chores

I get it that not everyone has money to throw around on gifts. Especially right now. So, if you want to do something to show you care but your bank account is screaming that you will starve yourself, you can always give your time.

And one of the best ways to give your time is to offer to come over and handle some chores. Trust me, and this is going to be completely appreciated. Heck, you can come over to my house because I think there are some dishes in the sink right now.

If you live far and have money to spend, though, you can see about hiring help for a day. Even to get your house cleaned once by a pro is a wonderful gift that she’s going to love.

  1. Music Sleep Mask

It’s a sleep mask that plays music! Now she can drown out those arguments when the kids won’t share so her husband can deal with it during her me-time. The mask blocks out the light while playing your favorite music, making it a perfect tool for meditation time, nap time, or what will hopefully turn into a whole night of sleep.

  1. Good Vibes Coloring Book
coloring book

This gift will help a stressed-out mom at the moment and help her train her brain to think more positively. If you have a mom friend that seems like she’s slowly being consumed by negativity, give her this coloring book with uplifting messages to help her release stress through art while focusing on things in a positive light.

  1. Ninja Air Fryer

As far as gifts for overworked moms go, the Ninja air fryer has to be on the list. It will give her so much more time to herself because meals can be cooked in a flash. It’s an excellent gift for moms that love being in the kitchen but would love to be done with cooking faster. Plus, the results are delicious!

  1. Bottomless Bath Tub Overflow Drain Cover

Here’s a great gift perfect for anyone with a minimal budget. Looking at it, you might wonder what this plastic thing does. It covers that overflow drain in the bathtub, allowing the tub to be filled up more so she can get that deep soak she needs to relax. Simple, yet brilliant!

  1. Goal Planner

Busy moms need help staying organized. Part of the reason why she may be feeling overwhelmed is that she has no idea whether she’s coming or going. A goal planner is a beautiful gift that shows thoughtfulness and caring and helps her pick herself up and stay true to her goals.

  1. Himalayan Salt Lamp

This self-care gift not only treats her to something pretty but gives her something functional as well. A Himalayan salt lamp provides a soothing glow for relaxing. It can brighten her mood or even set the mood when she’s feeling amorous alone with her special someone!

  1. Fuzzy Slippers

Cute, cuddly, and a bit girly, these fuzzy slippers are a wonderful way to treat a busy mom to a gift. They’ll keep her surefooted even when her kids spill water all over the floor and make all those hours on her feet feel like she’s walking on clouds.

  1. Alone Time

And finally, I present a present that you can give to any mom. Your mom, a friend with a newborn, a friend with teens…literally any and every mom. You can give it to me too, and I’ll take it.

That gift: alone time.

Every mom needs it, and if you can give her this gift, it will mean more than anything. Tell her you’ll come to watch the kids if you live near her. Then send her on her way to a spa, or if she can’t get out, send her to her master suite while you keep the kids from bothering her. She’ll feel like herself again, which I think is a gift all of us need.

With these 20 gift options for moms with burnout, you’re sure to find something that fits your budget and fits her style to make her feel adored!

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