Discover 23 Gifts to Give Your Pregnant Sister for Congratulations and Other Occasions

When your sister tells you she’s pregnant, it’s such exciting news. Naturally, you want to give her something that makes her feel special.

Whether you need gifts for your newly pregnant sister, a birthday gift for your pregnant sister, gifts for your pregnant sister at Christmas, or any other major holiday, you’ll find them right here.

You’ll also find a gift for your pregnant sister-in-law! Getting a gift for your pregnant sister is so important so she’ll feel special. And if you’re a mom already, you know how people tend to give gifts to the baby.

Give her the best gift for a pregnant sister, not for the baby! Your best pregnancy gift for your big sister is below, so find the one that makes her feel loved and special!

If you’re looking for congratulation gifts for mom-to-be, here it is.

How do I pamper my pregnant sister?

It’s easy to pamper your pregnant sister. Simply choose a gift that will benefit her right now, not when the baby comes. That’s what the baby shower will be about. When you want to give your pregnant sister a gift, it should make her feel special for being her.

That said, we all have our own idea of pampering. If she already has children and is pregnant with another baby, pampering her by having her house cleaned, sending her favorite takeout dish to her home, or even taking your nieces and nephews for a few hours so she can rest is brilliant.

Ultimately, you should think of what your sister truly loves and what makes her feel indulged. Then go for that to pamper your pregnant sister!

What should I gift to my pregnant sister?

Much depends on your sister’s personality and the gift-giving occasion as to what you should choose to gift to your pregnant sister. She may have just announced her pregnancy and be in the early stages.

sister happy to get a gift

Or it may be her birthday or Christmas when you’d normally get her a gift. But if her usual request is a good bottle of wine, you’ll have to look below for the best pregnancy gift for your sister.

1. Hospital Bag

If your sister is approaching her due date and it’s a gift-giving occasion, get her a hospital bag. But don’t just get any bag! Get one she can use again and again for all sorts of events. This bag looks gorgeous, has a toiletry bag, and has handles and a shoulder strap.

But don’t stop there. Stuff it with something extra, like this Frida Mom hospital packing kit that comes with a nursing gown, soaks, disposable underwear, ice maxi pads, and more to help her through her hospital stay.

2. Stretch Mark Cream

When sis is an avid beachgoer or loves to hit the pool, you’ll want to help her bounce back to her pre-pregnancy body. This delightful kit for stretchmark care is the perfect way for her to pamper herself and keep stretch marks from getting her down.

3. Belly Speakers

At 20 weeks, babies can hear what’s happening outside the womb. If your sister or sister-in-law loves to rock out, let her share her musical tastes with her baby. Belly speakers make it easy to do this with safe adhesives that attach to the bump. The low-frequency waves they emit are safe too!

4. Maternity Clothing

Now, if your sister has just announced her first pregnancy, you’ve got to take her shopping! Those clothes won’t fit her that much longer, so maternity clothes are the way to go. You can find much, from adorable pregnancy/nursing dresses to maternity jeans. It all depends on her style, but there are so many great things in the world of maternity clothes!

5. Sonogram Photo Frame

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Sentimental gifts for your pregnant sister are also an excellent idea. A sonogram photo frame lets her display that first-ever photo of her baby, a treasure she’ll love and cherish forever!

6. Pregnancy Body Pillow

Do you want to give your sister, sister-in-law, or even your cousin a gift that will make her happier for the next 9 months?A pregnancy body pillow will help her finally get comfortable as she rests for labor and delivery. Soon, she won’t be able to lie on her back, and with her growing belly, it’s such a strain on her to get comfy, so this pillow will certainly be appreciated.

7. Rocker Recliner

Choose this sentimental gift for that pregnant sister; she’ll feel comfy when sitting up, even before the baby arrives. With an ottoman, it lets her put her aching feet up and relax, something she will most definitely need before and after birth!

8. Pregnancy Journals

A pregnancy journal is a sweet and sentimental gift for a sister who loves writing or expressing herself creatively. Plus, this one can be a keepsake for the baby once she’s all grown up!

9. Belly Bands

Now for something practical for that pregnant sister! A belly band can help support her baby bump and lower back. This takes the strain off of her and relieves all that pain and discomfort that comes with pregnancy. She’ll love it, plus it fits discreetly underneath clothing, so no one will know!

10. Footwear

If you’ve been pregnant, you know how much those feet hurt, even if you don’t stand all day long. Give sis the gift to comfort her long after the baby is born. Soft, supportive slippers that keep her surefooted will most certainly make her feel appreciated!

11. Mom Necklace

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I know I love jewelry, and most other women do too. Give your sister the pregnancy gift that will make her feel like the true priceless wonder she is! A mom necklace like this is the perfect sentimental gift for your pregnant sister. Plus, you can choose her birthstone to make it personalized for her.

12. Breastfeeding Pillow

A nursing pillow is one of the best gifts for a pregnant sister. She’ll get lots of use out of it, even before the baby arrives. It can be used to help her prop up in bed to read or watch TV. She can also use it to prop up her feet. Once the baby comes, she’ll feel comfortable breastfeeding without straining her shoulders, neck, and back! Neck and back pain is pretty common during breastfeeding, so don’t ignore it.

13. Keepsake Box

This sentimental gift for your pregnant sister will bring joyful tears to her eyes. Within this keepsake box, she can stow all those precious little things into it, from those first shoes to that hospital bracelet and plenty more. It’s one of the most thoughtful gifts for any pregnant woman, from your own sister to your sister-in-law to a female cousin!

14. Fetal Heartbeat Monitor

When sis just can’t wait to get to her doctor’s appointments to hear the baby’s heartbeat, this fetal heartbeat monitor will give her peace of mind. It’s perfect for the sister that worries too much, letting her listen in and hear the baby’s tiny heart at work. It also has a speaker and headphones so she can choose how to listen.

15. Mocktail Book

Now that your partying sister needs to cool it as she starts her family, you can help her enjoy 5 o’clock at home safely with a book on making mocktails. She’ll discover delicious recipes for nonalcoholic drinks that will help her safely celebrate any occasion while pregnant.

16. Pregnancy Herbal Tea

For the sister that is more into caffeine than cocktails, pregnancy herbal tea can help her cut down on caffeine. The delightful organic ingredients create a flavorful sensation that will surely go a long way to helping her feel her best.

17. Pregnancy Compression Socks

Soft, cozy compression socks will help your sister feel better the bigger and bigger her belly gets. Compression socks help reduce swelling and discomfort while the higher blood volume flows through her body to help that baby flourish.

18. Bump Box Subscription

A Bump Box Subscription is smart when you’re unsure what to get your sister for her pregnancy. This gift comes in 3-trimester boxes and includes everything pregnant women need to feel pampered, adored, and comfortable as they count down until the baby arrives.

19. Acupressure Wristbands

For the holistic sis who doesn’t want to chance taking anything but keeps complaining about morning sickness all day, she gets her acupressure wristbands. Bonus – they can be used repeatedly, and when she decides to take a cruise someday, she can use these for that too.

20. Meal Kits

Being pregnant is hard enough. If sis already has kids, she’s likely exhausted and doing it all. But even if this is her first pregnancy, give her a break with a meal kit subscription. There are the kinds where it sends you the ingredients, and you cook it as well as those that arrive ready to eat. When she’s too tired to cook nutritious meals, the best ones are the meals that are fully cooked and that she can just heat and serve.

21. Non-Skid Maternity Socks

When sis gets cold feet, help her keep them warm without slipping on the hard flooring at home. These non-skid maternity socks also have a special message on the bottom, ideal for a sister with a great sense of humor.

22. House Cleaning Services

I know your sister may be going through the nesting phase. But if she’s already got kids in the house (or an unhelpful husband), get her the house cleaning gift. You can always come to do it yourself as your gift, though if time is short for you too, hire someone, and she’ll think you’re the best sibling in the world.

23. Spa Gift Card

And finally, a gift card to a local spa for pregnancy pampering is the ultimate gift for your pregnant sister. She’ll love being treated to these indulgent services and love you all the more for giving her a gift that puts her first.

And that’s what it’s all about. When giving to your pregnant sister, put her first. There will be plenty of time to give gifts just for the baby!

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