Know the 41 Best Congratulation Gifts for Moms-to-Be

With the holidays coming up, I have been hearing about a lot of people expecting babies. You may be wondering what in the world to get a close friend or family member to show your love. There are so many things out there that make it hard to be original.

After all, every mom-to-be will appreciate diapers. But if everyone gets her diapers, that’s not helpful. Plus, we are people too. Often, we forget that when we have our babies, but we’re still ourselves.

Sometimes, the best congratulations pregnancy gift is a gift for new parents that’s not baby-related.

I hope this guide will help you find unique gifts for expecting parents!

How do you congratulate an expecting mother?

Well, for starters, say so! You can also send a card. But if you’re close to this person, congratulation gifts for first-time moms are in order. You can also send congratulatory gifts for new parents that will make both the mom-to-be and dad-to-be feel loved.

If your own sister is expecting a baby, this list will help you decide on a perfect sentimental gift for her.

What to send someone to congratulate them on pregnancy?

I’ve broken this down into things for moms, things for expecting parents (meaning both mom and dad), and things for the baby so take your pick!

For the Baby

If you want to send something for the baby, here are some cool ideas!

baby and parents with gifts
  1. Silicone bib

I washed bibs ALL the time. It would’ve been great to have these made from food-grade silicone to catch all spills and save those onesies.

  1. Personalized baby blanket

Sure, you could go buy any baby blanket and call it a day. But if the name for the baby has been announced, this personalized baby blanket will live on as a keepsake long after the baby outgrows it!

  1. Electric nail trimmer for babies

Where was this thing when my girls were babies?!? Believe me; this is the hardest part about being a new parent, trimming those tiny nails. Both parents will appreciate this electric nail trimmer.

  1. The Snotsucker

It sounds disgusting because it is. But your friends will be thrilled to have this tool when the baby gets a stuffy nose. Everyone can get some sleep!

  1. Hooded baby towel

Help your expecting friends make bath time better with a cozy hooded bamboo towel. It will minimize that chill when a baby comes out of the water for a snuggly feeling.

  1. Baby floor seat

We received a Bumbo Floor Seat as a gift for our second child from some friends when we lived in China. We loved this thing. It comes in different colors, too, so you can pick something that fits your aesthetic.

  1. White noise

While this is for the baby, parents will love this helpful white noise gadget to help soothe the baby anywhere. This one by Hatch is extremely well-rated and adored by moms and dads that I know personally!

  1. Snuggly pacifier holder with the detachable pacifier

It’s a pacifier with a cute plushie that detaches so you can clean it with ease. Babies love these things!

  1. Burrito swaddle

When your expecting friends also love Chipotle, get them a swaddle blanket that looks just like a burrito. While the baby sleeps, they can order Chipotle from their phone when the cravings strike!

  1. Baby play gym

Something that keeps the baby busy and helps with development will be a wonderful gift. This fun piano gym features a plush mat, a piano kickboard for the feet, and plenty of plush friends hanging from above.

For Moms

Now, if you’re of the school of thought that when parents-to-be announce their good news, the mom should get a gift just for her, then choose from these!

Pregnant woman in party cap holding stack of gifts
  1. A good book

Look, there is only a small window of time before the first baby comes that any mom-to-be gets to read quietly without constant interruption. Make it a funny one like this book for moms.

  1. Personalized wall art

When the expecting mom already has kids underfoot, give her something that unites the whole family. This sweet personalized wall art will help the family feel complete.

  1. Pregnancy pillow

Pregnancy is rough, and it’s hard to get comfortable. Give her something that ensures she’ll get plenty of rest during those 9 months with a pregnancy pillow!

  1. Bump Box

There are so many gift baskets for moms out there, but I love the idea of the Bump Box. They have them for each trimester, and they are brimming with thoughtful gifts for the mom-to-be in the first, second, and third trimesters.

  1. Maternity clothes

Before things get too snug, get her something that she’ll wear all the time during the next 9 months. These maternity jeans are a great choice that will grow on her (literally!) though anything cozy will be appreciated!

  1. Pregnancy tracker board

For the mom that always posts on Instagram, this pregnancy tracker board will help her pose perfectly for those photos. She’ll be able to keep tabs on her bump and keep everyone in the know!

  1. Funny pregnancy t-shirt

Your snarky and sarcastic friend that is expecting will absolutely adore a shirt that just gets her. This “prangry” shirt will be her favorite thing to wear during her pregnancy! Here’re a few fun ways to entertain your pregnant friend in her pregnancy days.

  1. Personalized first baby photo frame

This is something every mom will treasure forever. You can have all the specs personalized for name, age, weight, and so on. And you can choose something girly, more boyish, or neutral too.

  1. Memory book

I know with my kids, looking back on the memories I jotted down is a beautiful treasure. Give her a special place to put those memories in this memory book.

  1. Baby shower guest book frame

When you want to give her a gift before the baby shower, a guest book is thoughtful. But if you want that guest book to be unique, try this guest book frame. Everyone writes something on the hearts and drops them in for a keepsake she’ll always want to display.

  1. Room decorating kit

Help her take the stress out of decorating that nursery. This room decorating kit includes everything to bring out sweet dreams for the baby with minimal stress for the mom!

  1. Pampering basket

As a mom, I can tell you it’s only a matter of time before everyone ignores you and focuses on the kids. In fact, I just hollered at the whole family that I’m the invisible holiday gnome that thoughtfully buys them gifts while they forget all about me. Don’t let her feel forgotten with this pampering basket for expecting moms, full of spa delights!

  1. Tea sampler

Every mom deserves to relax. Even before she gives birth. This tea sampler is a sweet way to remind her to take a load off, sip and savor life for everything beautiful it holds.

  1. Pregnancy water tracker

Give her a water bottle that will always ensure she’s drinking enough of the clear stuff. This pregnancy water tracker is BPA-free and comes with waterproof stickers to help track progress.

  1. Foot massager

Oh, how I recall my aching, pregnant feet! I feel sorry for every pregnant mama who needs a break. This foot massager will ensure she gets the relief she needs.

  1. Matching mama and baby clothes

There’s nothing cuter than being matchy-matchy with your little one. This shirt and onesie set is a perfect match. While this particular one is for girls, there are many others with styles for moms of boys.

  1. Belly cast kit

This is a cute gift that is fun to play with and creates a special keepsake. The belly cast kit comes with everything needed to make it happen to capture that bump before the baby is born.

For Expecting Parents

Want to get something for both of the expecting parents? Then this section is for you!

outdoor gift opening
  1. Gift basket for expecting parents

Give both expecting parents something they’ll love. This gift box comes with stuff for both of them with books, mugs, and other darling treasures, plus the option to add a few extras too.

  1. Pregnancy journal for couples

They both made the baby together, so get them a pregnancy journal for couples they can fill out together. It will serve as a place to collect priceless memories with the baby once the baby is big enough.

  1. Baby bump headphones

For the musically-inclined couples you know, choose these baby bump headphones. These safely let you both play your favorite tunes for the baby’s enjoyment. Start them off right with good music while they’re in the womb!

  1. First-year wall frame

Help them capture the first year in photos. This frame has a space for every stage of that tender first year, a precious keepsake they’ll both adore!

  1. Be Prepared book

Ok, so this one is more for him, but moms-to-be will surely appreciate having their man step up into the role of dad. This book helps guide new dads with humor and smart tips.

  1. Diapertainment

This revolutionary product called Diapertainment is a huge help. It’s a smartphone mount that you can put above your baby when changing diapers.

Pro tip: never hand a baby (or toddler) your phone unless you want it to be broken.

Non-baby gifts for expecting parents

And finally, if you want to send a gift that just the expecting parents can enjoy, these non-baby gifts will make them feel extra loved!

  1. Instant Pot

Give them an easy way to make nutritious meals before the baby arrives and afterward. Everyone that has the Instant Pot Ultra adores it because you can make meals that typically take hours in no time at all.

  1. Convenient caffeination

This Keurig will ensure that it’s easy for either the mom or dad to brew up coffee in just minutes. And I can tell you that’s priceless when you’re so tired from not sleeping yet you have to get through the day with a baby.

  1. Simplified meal prep

There’s enough for expecting parents to worry over. Shopping for healthy ingredients to make delicious meals shouldn’t be one of them. Try giving them a gift card or a subscription to Blue Apron, where all they have to do is unbox and cook together.

  1. Chef-made meals ready to go

For the less hands-on couple in the kitchen, perhaps meals that are chef-prepared and ready to just heat and eat are a better option. This way, you can be sure they get nutritious and delicious meals while barely lifting a finger. Freshly makes that easy for everyone!

  1. Engraved decanter set

Once the baby arrives, both new parents will be thrilled to use this gift. You can have this decanter set engraved to make it more personal and help set the mood for those nights when they need to toast to the baby going to sleep.

  1. Date Night In A Box

New parents often don’t realize how they’ll start making less time for each other when the baby arrives. And that’s a problem you’ll fix with the Date Night In A Box. This has to be one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen for a couples’ gift, one that will ensure they make time for their relationship even if they have to have a date night-in.

  1. Engraved coffee mugs

Get them engraved coffee mugs when your budget is tight, yet you want to do something a bit personal. Have them read “Mom” and “Dad” or whatever you like, even parental advice for each.

  1. Spa day

And I do have one more suggestion for you…a couples’ spa day! Simply select a spa in their local area and set them up with a couples’ massage, mud baths, or whatever services you think they’ll like.

I hope that helps you find the best congratulation gifts for expecting parents that you love!

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