Assume the Position: Here are the Ones That Will Help You Fart After a C-Section

I recently wrote about how to fart right after your c-section so the nurses will breathe a sigh of relief that your bowels are returning to normal. They’ll likely regret breathing at that moment, but hey, they have to deal with gross bodily functions regularly, so there’s that.

Even though that first fart after your c-section is the biggest deal, passing gas as you recover at home can be a horribly painful experience. That said, finding good positions to get into can really help you push things along as your body heals to get some relief.

What Positions Make You Fart After C-Section?

If you’re a fan of yoga, you’re in luck! Yoga can be incredibly helpful for letting the farts out. You can try a few of them when you feel discomfort from gas.

Happy Baby

The happy baby pose is one I have always found comfortable. This one is great for building strength in your pelvic floor while encouraging positive movement in your gut.

It’s so easy to do this one too. You lie on your back, bend your knees, and draw them towards your chest. Put your hands on the inside of each of your shins and hold them. The key is only to hold it while you’re comfortable. If you feel uncomfortable at any time, release.

Oh, and you’ll want to flex and unflex your feet while in this position.

One word of caution, though…if you are still in the immediate recovery period for your c-section (and not 6 to 8 weeks out), I’d advise against this move or ask your doctor about it first.

Cat Pose

Meanwhile, the cat pose is something you can do at any time. You will get on your hands and knees and gently draw your stomach towards your spine. This is safe to do even in your early days of recovering from your c-section.

Other Positions to Try

If your doctor agrees, you can try something you’ll likely be doing to your own baby to help them pass gas. Lay on your back with your knees bent, then bring them slowly to your chest and return to the starting position. This should push gas out more easily. And it works like a charm on gassy babies, too, just so you know!

Or, this may sound gross but squeeze your buttocks like you are trying not to poop before getting to a toilet. Repeat this series 8 to 12 times, several times a day, and you’ll strengthen your pelvic floor and release those pent up farts.

And while this is not a position, a stomach massage can help to relieve gas. You want to be gentle with your c-section incision, so be soft while you push down and rub clockwise to move your bowels.

When Gas Becomes a Problem After a C-Section

woman having gas pain

Some of those gas pains can be severe after your c-section. This will continue for a bit after your surgery. Sometimes, the pain can be so intense you may think something else is wrong, like an infection.

That’s especially true if you start having abnormal vaginal discharge, heavier bleeding, or a fever. You may even feel sick and throw up. These symptoms could spell infection, so don’t just wait around…call the doctor. Hopefully, it’s just the gas, but it’s better to be careful here.

Something else to watch out for is bowel movements. If you are constipated and can’t poop for 3 or 4 days, usually right after your c-section, then you should definitely contact your doctor. Generally, this is rare since they will check everything before releasing you from the hospital.

Other things to consider are food allergies or something in your diet. If these tricks don’t get you farting or feeling ill for any reason after your c-section, make sure you get checked out so you start feeling well again!

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