Karate by Toddlers: What Happens with a Stomach Bump During Pregnancy

A stomach bump during pregnancy is generally going to be fine. Of course, it will depend on how you bumped your stomach and how far along you are. And I bet that last bit makes you nervous.

But don’t worry, Mama! Most of the time, those daily bumps and bangs, even from your overactive toddler who can’t wait to meet their little sibling, should not be cause for concern.

This is especially true at the beginning of your pregnancy when your uterus and the baby aren’t taking up that entire bump. There’s a lot of padding in there.

Still, I want to arm you with a wealth of knowledge so that you’ll know exactly what to do if you do suffer a blow worth worrying about. You probably won’t need to use this information, but you’ll be glad to have it for your own peace of mind.

Is it OK if my toddler kicks my pregnant belly?

Toddlers have loads of energy, as you’ve likely noticed. As such, they’re always jumping, bouncing, kicking, and swinging things. Absolutely count on getting whacked at least once in this way.

I remember my eldest bumped me bunches of times in the belly by accident. My youngest was just fine. There’s tons of padding in there.

However, as your baby and belly grow, especially in that last trimester, you’ll want to be extra careful with your toddler (and heavy pets too). It’s really rare something like an accidental kick or jumping on your belly would cause a significant problem. But you want to avoid things even getting to that extreme point.

But how much pressure can your belly take while pregnant? Learn here.

A little further below, I’ll have some tips for getting your toddler to be more careful around you and your baby belly. For now, if your toddler has hit your baby bump and you feel fine and don’t notice any weird symptoms (and you still feel the baby moving regularly), then everything should be fine. It never hurts to call your doctor and ask if you’re worrying yourself silly.

What happens if you get hit in the belly while pregnant?

When you get hit in the belly while pregnant, it will depend on the situation. For starters, it really depends on which trimester you’re in. At first, the uterus is quite well protected by your pelvis and those bones. It’s not exposed, so it shouldn’t be affected by this kind of minor trauma.

Beautiful pregnant woman and her cute little

Remember, a kick from a toddler is not like a car accident or a slip and fall to the ground.

This is also true at the start of the second semester, by the way. But once the uterus starts to come out above the pelvis, you will need to be more concerned. Yes, the baby is protected from amniotic fluid, which keeps her cushioned; however, this might be the time to be sure your toddler understands to be gentle around you and with you.

There is far more to worry about in the third trimester, but the trauma must be big. If you stumble yet, don’t fall over; not a problem. If you fall on your belly, big problem.

Either way, when you get hit in the belly and worry, you can get some tests done to give you peace of mind. In your third trimester, you should always call the doctor and tell them what’s happened, and they’ll let you know what to do.

ultrasound by doctor

When you are in the 24th week or past it, they will give you an NST, a non-stress test. They monitor you with a fetal monitor. This is to see if the baby is responding and if they find any problems with your placenta.

An ultrasound may also be conducted, and in some cases, a biophysical profile where they explore more extensively. Either way, your doctor will check on the baby, and everything will hopefully be ok.

Can a toddler jump on the stomach causes a miscarriage?

If your toddler jumped on your pregnant belly at 38 weeks, it depends on how hard they jumped. Honestly, by the time you are this far along, you should have your child well-trained on not jumping on your big, bouncy belly. I don’t mean that in a mean way, but it looks like a big bubble from their perspective. They don’t yet have the mental capacity to understand the consequences fully.

Cramping after your toddler jumped on your pregnant belly isn’t a good sign. Most hops and jumps will be painful and stressful, but they shouldn’t cause harm. So, know the signs of miscarriage and trouble for the baby, and keep an eye out:

  • Severe cramping – if you feel cramping after a toddler jumps on your pregnant belly, call your doctor
  • Bleeding (especially when it gets heavy)
  • Pain in your belly
  • Back pain
  • Feeling weak
  • Fever added on with any of these symptoms here
  • Contractions
  • No movement from baby

There are more signs too, but the bottom line is that if you feel weird after being jumped on by your toddler, you should call your doctor.

How to keep your toddler from jumping on your pregnant belly

Remember that your toddler isn’t jumping on you to harm you. He or she loves this newly acquired skill and is just testing it out. They see your pillowy belly and don’t really get that there’s a tiny human growing there.

So, tell your toddler that you need their help with something. They will most likely be delighted to help. Then tell them very simply that Mommy can’t be jumped on, and ask if they would like to help you set up a safe jumping space for them. You can tell them you will pull up a chair, sit, and watch them jump to their heart’s content.

They satisfy their needs by allowing them to jump safely and be there. Remind them that gentle cuddles are always welcome and that they can talk to their little brother or sister and tell them about their favorite things. That should help them remember to keep from jumping on your pregnant belly.

But, please remember, you will most likely be fine, so try not to stress!

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