Support Your Body After Childbirth with the Perfect Postpartum Panties

During all of your preparations for your baby’s arrival, it’s easy to forget that you need a few things for yourself during the postpartum period. One of those things that you need to buy is the perfect postpartum panties.

As much as you wish, you won’t hop back into your pre-pregnancy panties just yet. Your body still has a lot of healing and changing to do, and if you have a c-section, you’ll have an incision that needs to heal without irritation.

Vaginal and c-section moms both need to consider the right postpartum underwear. The last thing you need to wedgies and uncomfortable panties while handling a newborn baby, so here is how to find the right ones for you.

You Really Do Need Postpartum Panties

When I had my first child, I ended up having a c-section, and I quickly realized the panties I had at home wouldn’t work well. They sat too low on my hips, rubbing against my incision; I was so uncomfortable and sent my mother to buy me some new underwear. 

Please don’t make the same mistake that I did!

Postpartum underwear helps to make this period a little easier and more comfortable than usual. Regular panties that you wear when you aren’t pregnant or postpartum fail to offer the support you need post-childbirth.

Right now, you need panties that will hold in the monstrously sized pad in your underwear while also being comfortable. You don’t want elastic that is going to cut off the circulation in your legs! Plus, if you have a c-section, your panties need to sit up higher on your waist. 

Some provide compression that helps with your healing processer while also making it easier to move around. That’s particularly true if you have a c-section; counter-pressure can make things like sneezing or coughing more comfortable. 

The Right Material for Postpartum Panties

You can find panties made with various materials, but not every solution works for every woman. Looking at your particular needs and body type can help you determine the right material for you. 

Here are a few you might want to consider.

Frida Mom Post Pregnancy Underwear

Mesh Underwear

I can’t lie; I wasn’t sure I would like the mesh underwear you receive at the hospital, but they feel like heaven on your body. Not only are they lightweight and feel like air, but they’re disposable. So, if your pad does leak, you don’t have to worry about ruining your favorite underwear pair. Just toss them in the trash and grab a new pair. 


Aside from mesh, cotton is the go-to material for postpartum panties. Cotton is breathable so that it will prevent irritation, and it also helps to decrease the risk of a yeast infection


For those who want compression-style underwear, you’ll need panties with spandex. Typically, it’ll be a spandex blend, perhaps with cotton. All spandex will be too hot and uncomfortable. 


This material isn’t the most common choice, but it’s stronger than mesh. It is also absorbent, so if you do leak, it helps stop any staining of your exterior clothing. 

Silicone Panel 

You can find some postpartum panties that have a silicone panel for c-section moms. These panties let you have a pocket for an ice pack; they’re supposed to help soothe your incision.

The Types of Postpartum Underwear

Aside from materials, you also want to think about the type of underwear you want to wear. You won’t be wearing these forever, but you do want to be comfortable during these weeks. 

Here are a few of the types you might consider.

  • Disposable underwear, such as the mesh panties you receive at the hospital.
  • Period panties are designed to absorb menstrual blood and work as a great alternative. 
  • High-waisted briefs are a fantastic option if you have a c-section because they will sit over your incision.
  • Boy shorts aren’t as high, but their comfort level makes them a favorite choice for recovering mothers.

How to Choose the Perfect Postpartum Panties for You

Now that you considered the materials and types of panties, you have to make a choice! Here are some things to think about before spending any money. 

The Price

Since you won’t wear these for long, don’t break the bank. Postpartum panties last for 6-8 weeks, on average, so spending tons doesn’t make any sense. They’re just underwear after all!

Pick The Right Size

Ordering a larger size than you typically wear is a good idea. You want to accommodate the changes in your body and have room for the pads that can be quite large and in charge. 

The Fabric Used

We discussed the fabric options above, but remember that childbirth leads to severe hormonal changes. You will sweat; I’ve woken up in pools of sweat, so breathable options are your friend right now. 

How Long Will I Wear Postpartum Underwear?

The answer to this question is really up to you and your healing and how you gave birth. Typically, you’d wear postpartum underwear for however long it takes you to heal, which differs significantly for all mothers.

If you have a c-section, you might wear them for 6-8 weeks. You won’t want anything to rub on your incision for quite some time. Vaginal birthing mothers might only wear them for however long they bleed, which could stop by 2-3 weeks after childbirth. It’s hugely dependent on your healing and preferences. 

How Many Pairs Do I Need?

We all hate buying more than we need, but figuring out how many pairs you need is tricky. You always can do laundry, but with a newborn baby in arms, chances are you don’t want to rush to do more laundry because you ran out of underwear.

A good number or range to consider is ten pairs. That should be enough to hold you over until the bleeding slows after delivery.

Final Thoughts

Don’t skip and ignore buying the perfect postpartum panties. They might seem like just an extra thing to buy, but these pairs of underwear can help hold in your larger-than-life pad while also keep your bottom breathable and supporting your c-section incision. It’s a win-win you don’t want to pass. 

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