Learn How to Clean a Baby Activity Center the Right Way

Babies make a mess no matter where they are, and you must learn how to clean your baby’s gear. That means you have to learn how to clean a baby activity center.

I’ll never forget when my baby’s diaper exploded in the exersaucer. He played so happily, and I smelled it as I got closer. One look in the seat, and I knew I had some cleaning to do. Poop was all over the seat cover, the platform, and all over the toys because he smeared it around.

Babies can get poop on everything within a few moments, so never turn your back!

To say I had a situation on my hand was an understatement. If you find yourself in a similar situation or need to give the activity center a good cleaning, here is what you need to know.

Check to See If the Seat Cover is Machine Washable

Music themed activity center from Baby Einstein

Most exersaucers have machine-washable seat covers. If that’s the case, check for the recommended washing process.

Chances are you’ll need to wash the cover on warm in a gentle cycle with soap. Then, if the instructions tell you, you can put the cover in a dryer on a low setting. If not, then the cover will need to be line dried.

Remove All Toys Possible

Next, remove all of the toys that come off of the exersaucer. That should be most of them; most toys come off for ease of cleaning. 

Once removed, put the toys in a sink full of hot water and a cup of bleach. The toys need to soak for at least an hour to get rid of any nasties that are on them.

After the soaking, take a washcloth and scrub all of the toys down. This step helps get grime, poop, or anything else off them. 

Wipe Down with Diluted Bleach Water

As the toys are soaking, take a bucket of hot water with diluted bleach. Using a clean rag, wipe down the exersaucer in its entirety. That means scrubbing down the stand that holds up the activity center, the platform where your baby will stand.

You need to scrub down any toys that didn’t come off of the activity center. Wipe down all of the areas around your baby where the toys typically set. You wouldn’t believe what can accumulate around those toys, mainly if your baby eats snacks while in the activity center.

Scrub Remaining Toys 

If there are any toys that you couldn’t remove, those need to be scrubbed down with diluted bleach water as well. Try to get in the nooks and crannies the best that you can. You might need a brush, such as an old toothbrush, to get into the cracks and clean the toys properly. 

Final Thoughts

All of your baby’s gear needs to be cleaned regularly. You don’t want your baby to be in a dirty exersaucer, so learning how to clean the activity center is a good idea. Expect babies to make plenty of messes!

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