No Sweat! Here’s How to Hang a Baby Swing from a Tree

No backyard is complete unless you hang a baby swing from a tree. Swings are perfect for babies who love to sit for hours in their swing, enjoying the day.

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For safety purposes, you have to make sure that you install the swing correctly. If you hang it improperly, not only could it damage the tree, but it also could fall, and that’s dangerous. 

Ready to hang the swing? Here’s what you need to know.

Are Tools Required to Hang a Baby Swing?

When you’re hanging a baby swing, you don’t need a lot of tools; it doesn’t require a lot to put together. The instructions will let you know if any tools are necessary, but most do not.

Picking the Right Spot on the Tree

Perhaps the most important part of hanging a baby swing is choosing the right tree and the best spot on the tree. You don’t want to select the wrong branch, especially if it’s unable to support the weight of your baby.

Here’s how to select the right tree.

The Best Tree Types

You need a sturdy tree, such as an oak tree, to use for the swing. Any sturdy, hardwood tree should work, but fruit trees are a big no-no. Their branches break easily; they’d never support the weight of a baby and a swing.

Look for the Right Size Branch

Not all branches are ideal for swings. You want a horizontal branch, and the diameter needs to be thick enough to support the weight of the swing. Also, it shouldn’t be too high off the ground because you need to be able to reach it to hang the swing.

Check the Condition of the Branch

Before you attach the swing from the branch you selected, take a close look at the condition of the branch. It shouldn’t have any sign of disease or pest infestation. Never hang a swing from a dead branch!

Steps to Hang a Baby Swing From a Tree

Now it’s time to hang the swing!

Baby swing hanging
  • Take a Look at the Swing

Chances are you have a typical 2-strap tree swing that comes with two ropes or straps and two safety lock carabiner hooks. Most swings come with nylon straps that are 4 feet long and yellow, but you can buy longer straps or robe if you want a different length.

  • Wrap Each Rope Around The Tree Branch

You have to wrap each rope around the tree branch you selected. That’s why you need to make sure you can reach the branch.

Put one rope around the tree branch and move to the next step. 

  • Clip The Swing

When the rope is around the tree branch (or bar or you’re going to hang the swing), clip the rope to the swing with the included hooks.

Now, go back to step two and repeat the step for the next rope. Flip it over the branch and clip the hook to the swing.

Alternative Way

Another way that you could hang a baby swing is by using eye bolts. This way involves drilling vertical holes into the branch that you picked and inserting the bolts into the hole. The bolts need to be a half-inch, at least. 

The advantage of using this is that it does eliminate any friction on the bark. However, drilling holes into the branch requires tools that you might not have.

Final Thoughts 

Hanging a baby swing from a tree doesn’t have to be complicated. Depending on the swing that you buy, it might only take a few minutes to set it up once you pick the tree and branch that works best for the swing. Before you know it, you’ll be spending hours outside, pushing your baby in a swing!

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