A New Mom’s Best Hands-Free Helper: 10 Best Baby Loungers to Shop For

Most of you know that finding baby gear in China was a royal pain. I didn’t have the luxury of choosing a baby lounger to put either of my girls on. I would have loved one, though, because I sometimes wanted to put them down and not wear them in the carrier.

My back suffers from that to this day. But I digress.

What is a baby lounger, Leslie?

It’s a sturdy and supportive pillow with a groove to hold your precious little one. Think of it as a nest for babies!

While I never had the pleasure of using one, I was inundated with messages when I consulted my fellow mama friends as I started research on the best lounger for baby. My friends Carissa, Sasha, Emily, and Lisa all had enthusiastic thumbs up for baby loungers. ?

They give you a hands-free and safe place to set your baby so you can keep an eye on them while you attend to things. They save your back from the aches awaiting you in the future by constantly carrying your kids around, they’re portable, and they’re easy to clean.

When I asked these lovely ladies what they’d recommend when shopping for the best baby lounger for an infant, their responses helped me to create this list:

  • Adjustable tabs make sure you can get the perfect fit for your baby
  • The sides should be deeply contoured
  • Removable covers make cleaning up spit-up and diaper leaks a breeze
  • Better yet, those covers should be machine-washable
  • Handles make it easier to tote it from room to room

Thanks, ladies! And now, without further ado, I review the 10 Best Baby Loungers for you to choose from! Plus, one more especially for the toddler.

Snuggle Me Organic

Patented sensory technology!

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This cozy option is fully organic cotton, featuring a patented design that basically hugs your baby (ages 0 to 9 months) in a soothing, snuggling, and safe way. You can also employ it for versatile uses like tummy time (only with your full attention) or as a cushiony pillow later on when they’re bigger and can sit up. Lisa told me she received this one from her mother-in-law at her baby shower and her daughter STILL sits on it when she watches Nickelodeon at age 4.

100% organic cotton and USA madeVery expensive
Award-winning design with patented sensory technology
Versatile and portable, able to be used beyond baby years as a cushion
Includes removable cover in a choice of colors
Travel zippered bag for easy transport

DockATot Deluxe+ Dock

An ideal choice for co-sleeping!

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DockATot says they’ve reinvented the womb with this best baby lounger nest. While it’s designed for ages 0 to 8 months, it can be used to keep baby from rolling away when you need your hands free, is a place you can use for safe tummy time together, and can even be put in the bed between you and your husband, so baby is safe with co-sleeping.

The material keeps a microclimate, so baby is never too hot or cold; plus, it has straps that make traveling with it easy to do so the baby can be cozy anywhere.

Best for co-sleepingVery expensive
Creates comfortable microclimateLow profile sides mean the baby will outgrow the nest for co-sleeping and confinement purposes sooner rather than later
Straps for easy toting

Boppy Original

Best newborn lounger!

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I must tell you that my friend Emily not only messaged me about the Boppy Newborn Lounger but also called me and talked my ear off. Love you, girl! Thanks to her and her testimony, I can give you even better details about this one.

Not only is it revered as one of the best out there, but it’s also got to be the best budget baby lounger on this list. It has a recessed interior design and soft feel, is easy to tote, and you can shove the entire thing in your washing machine to clean it up. You can also wipe it off if time is of the essence. It has won many awards and has a handle, so you can carry it easily.

Emily told me she loved this thing more than any of her other newborn accessories. She used it for supervised tummy time and simply keeping her son Kyle safely nearby. The downside is that it’s just for newborns, but she said Kyle often used it as a toddler to sit on when playing with his trucks on the floor.

Soft design with interior cradleOnly can be used as a nest for newborns up to 16lbs
Handle for portability
Wipes clean in seconds
Entire pillow machine-washable
Can be used for tummy time or as a floor cushion for bigger kids
Great low price

Leachco Podster

Great for babies with reflux!

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Not knowing anyone that tried the Leachco, looking at it with my own eyes makes me wish there was one in my size. The seat is a sling-style that expands out based on your baby’s weight. It’s only designed to accommodate babies up to 16lbs, and you can use the adjustable tabs to loosen or tighten as the baby grows, even fixing it so you can use it for sit-up support.

Like all of these baby loungers, you should never use them without being present. This one comes with a removable, machine-washable cover that easily zips on and off. Because of the steep sides and slanted positioning, this should be an excellent choice for infants with reflux.

Comfortable sling-style seatOnly can be used as a nest for newborns up to 16lbs
Tabs for tightening or loosening to fit baby’s needs
Easy to remove the machine-washable cover
Unique shape great for babies with reflux
Great low price

Mamibaby Baby Nest

Best baby lounger for sleeping with a uniquely reversible design!

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Are you looking for something to help be a nest and aid in co-sleeping for longer? This best baby lounger for sleeping by Mamibaby has you covered. What’s so special about it? You can use it on one side from 0 to 12 months and then for 12 to 24 months on the other side. I’d have likely chosen this if I had this option because of our small apartment in China and having our eldest in bed with us. It would have made life much easier.

It’s portable with a handle, easy to wash the removable cover in the washing machine, and has a removable bumper. All good things when you plan on co-sleeping with your little angel. I love that you can adjust it as the baby grows and continue to use it until 2, likely when you invest in a toddler bed for your child.

Double-sided to use from 0 to 12 months and 12 to 24 monthsOnly best for families that plan on co-sleeping
Removable bumper at foot
Easy to adjust and portable
Machine-washable cover
Great value at a mid-range price

Lulyboo Travel Infant Bed

Best versatility for all your on-the-go and baby sleep needs!

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A mid-priced option, Lulyboo mitigates the cost by giving you 3 baby products in one. It serves as a crib or sleeping nest, a playpen for babies, and a changing station, all of which you can fold up and strap to your back with ease.

It’s lightweight, award-winning, and even has an activity bar and canopy. It’s more like a portable bassinet, but if you’re looking for something that can do many things, this infant travel bed combo might just be up your alley!

Three products in oneWon’t be safe for babies once they can sit up unless you remove the canopy and activity bar
It weighs only 4lbs and is easy to fold and take anywhere
Waterproof base
Machine-washable cover
Mid-range price is a bargain by turning from crib to playpen to changing station

Babymoov Cosydream

Osteopath-designed comfort for baby!

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My friend Sasha chose Babymoov because her son had a flat head. Instead of getting the flat head pillows (I wrote a post about them here), she found this newborn lounger that took care of that and gave her baby a safe place to stay when she had to fold laundry and wanted her hands free.

It’s osteopath-designed, so it helps the baby by conforming safely. Sasha said she loved that the adjustable leg support was so helpful since baby Shawn was a bit colicky too. It’s customizable, so even as the baby grows from birth to 3 months, you have a way to keep them supported.

“It was machine-washable too and that was really the clincher because it did all these things in one that helped Shawn get through this phase,” Sasha told me.

Designed by an osteopathOnly useful up to 3 months age
Helps prevent flat head
Supports better digestion, ideal for colic
Machine-washable in its entirety

Lalame Lounger Pillow

Best lounger for a baby for sleep and adjustability!

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If you liked the 100% organic cotton option that my friend Lisa went gaga for, this one by Lalame is quite similar at a much lower price. It’s still not cheap, but because it’s an adjustable lounger and co-sleeper, it might be worth the investment for you, especially since it can be used from 0 to 12 months.

It also features a water-resistant cover in either pink or blue, so it has that cutesy boys and girls thing going for it. Like a nest, it keeps the baby encased like in the womb and is deemed safe for co-sleeping. You can use it for tummy time, and the sides make it impossible for new babies to roll out. And, you get a travel bag included. Nice!

100% organic cotton lounger and co-sleeperRarely, I can’t come up with anything on the downside, but I can’t!
Waterproof, machine-washable cover
Versatile and portable, able to be used beyond baby years as a cushion
Choice of pink or blue
Included travel bag
Compatible with arch toys
Mid-range price

Coala Hola Portable Travel Nest

Adorable koala bear-shaped design!

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For something that is cute, versatile, and can help prevent flat head syndrome, Coala Hola has combined it all into one cozy product. It is designed to fit in all your baby accessories, from your stroller to your rocker to your swing, and can even be used as a co-sleeper. It has bear hands that secure around your baby to keep her in the nest and prevent her from rolling over. The fabric is 3D mesh, which allows airflow, and the curve at the head prevents a flat head. Plus, the legs extend so you can have it grow with the baby from 0 to 9 months.

Adorable koala designLow walls may be easy to get out of as the baby gets bigger
Extends in length to grow with baby
Prevents flat head
Strap prevents rollover
Fits into your baby gear or can be used as co-sleeper
Machine washable in its entirety
Very great low price

CubbyCove Classic

Multifunctional and superb breathability!

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My friend Carissa said her biggest concern with a baby nest by far was breathability. She chose CubbyCove for that reason. “I kept falling asleep with Cynthia in the middle of the bed while I was nursing her, and I’d startle awake. If I moved her, she woke up and cried. I needed her in bed, so I wanted to find something safe to use. This was a godsend,” she told me.

So, it’s safe and is certified by CPSC standards with 3D mesh fabric that allows proper airflow and maximum comfort. It’s also easing to tote with an included tote bag to take anywhere. Carissa said that right after Cynthia was born, they had a bunch of trips to visit family, making life so much easier having this safe space for the baby. It also has a removable canopy, carrying handles, and machine washable cover. The biggest difference from others is that it is larger, meaning the baby can use it longer.

Breathable 3D meshExpensive
Larger size allows use for a longer timeDoesn’t cinch into the baby to provide a womb-like experience
Removable canopy
Machine washable cover
Portable with handles
Great for travel


Leachco Pillay Plush Sling-Style Lounger

Best Toddler Lounger

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I wanted to give a shout-out to the Leachco lounger. This is a great option if you have a toddler ages 3 and up. It’s a little pricey, but it’s plush and provides a superb place for a nap, reading, or lying down during family movie night. It expands by your child’s weight and can be adjusted with straps just like the nest version for babies.

This one is only for bigger kids, but if you’re in the market for something that keeps them calm, adds a cozy design element to their room, and makes them feel special when your new baby comes, this will be a great choice.

FAQs About the Best Baby Lounger

You have baby lounger questions, and I have answers. Here are the most common questions I’ve received about baby loungers to date.

Can babies sleep in the baby lounger?

The FDA has some stern warnings about baby loungers and sleep. It is still recommended that babies sleep on a solid surface without pillows and only a fitted crib sheet. However, if you use a baby lounger under your direct supervision and move your baby when they’re sleeping, these can be just fine.

Babies need a place to chill or lounge around, hence why these were made. Clarissa mentioned that once she started using the CubbyCove, it made it easier to nurse her baby and then easily carry her in the nest to her crib so she could go back to sleep. You can use a baby lounger if you’re using the product for its intended use and abiding by FDA regulations.

Are baby loungers safe? How do I use it safely?

I guess I sort of added that above. Yes, they are safe when you follow the proper guidelines. You should never leave your baby unattended in a baby lounger. Since each design differs, always read the safety material included to ensure you’re using it right.

Do you need a baby lounger?

Not everyone will need a baby lounger, but I think they are convenient. It’s nice to have a place to put your baby down while you attend to things in the same room. I didn’t have access to one of these in China, so I always wore both my daughters in the carrier. My back problems are awful now, years later. It would have been nice to have this option back then.

What are baby loungers used for?

Baby loungers are used to give you a break. Though this break doesn’t mean you can set them down and forget them. If you can’t handle your aching back anymore, this is a safe place you can put the baby down while you’re in the same room and be observant. Don’t have your back to your baby. Always keep her in your line of vision.

These things are designed for safety, but as we know, even the safest and highest rated products can have accidents happen when we aren’t paying attention.

If I had to pick a favorite among the ones I just reviewed above, the Lalame would be my choice. Organic cotton is perfect; it has that snuggled into the womb feeling, which is vital during the first few weeks.

Which one will you choose??

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