How to Choose a Baby Swing: I’m Reviewing 10 Great Options That Fit Your Life

When my daughters were little, I would have killed for a baby swing. This was not something I could easily find in China, though. Plus, with our small apartment, there wouldn’t have been enough room. We had a baby chair for each of them, which worked for us, but a swing would have given me a chance to rest while it took over for me.

I’m not one to encourage letting technology take over parenting for you, but in this case, I’ll make an exception. Sometimes we just need a break to go pee or fold laundry or even get a quick snack between nursing.

Baby swings are great for this. They help lull little ones into a state of calmness. Some simply swing while others play cool music and light up. The gentle movements help your baby keep calm and even fall asleep.

Like everything that exists, there are certain dangers with baby swings. But most of those dangers come from not following directions or leaving your baby unattended. You should ALWAYS be in the same room as your baby in the baby swing or at least have a clear line of vision.

For example, if you have to pee and can no longer hold it, make sure you can see your baby from your position on the throne.

Consumer Reports says you should always use the safety harness, never put the swing on an elevated surface, and don’t allow any of your older children to push the swing. Additionally, you shouldn’t leave your baby in the swing all the time, even if you are watching her closely.

One significant danger is when you’re drowsy yourself and you fall asleep. If your baby falls asleep in the swing as you are sleeping, she’ll be swinging for a while, which isn’t right.

Most swings come with adjustable speed settings, and it’s advised that you use the lowest setting to start with. Newborns prefer a slow and easy pace while your older baby may have a grand time when you crank it up a notch.

Another mistake parents should avoid making is to pay attention to the weight and age specifications on the baby swing they choose. If you want to use the swing for a long time, choose one with a higher weight limit.

Follow the directions for assembly properly too. Many accidents occur because of assembly error.

When your baby tries to climb out, that’s when it’s time to retire the swing. If you plan on having more children, tuck it away until the time comes. Babies that can climb out can get hurt. The same is true for the cradle style swings when your baby can roll over or push up. Again, the harness will help you avoid an accident when it first happens, but after that, it’s time to leave your baby’s days of swinging behind.

Things to Look at When Buying a Baby Swing

So, you’re ready to buy a baby swing and looking for expert reviews for the best value of money, right? I may not have had the pleasure of buying one for my girls, but recently, my dear friend Halie announced she was having her first baby. A couple of us decided to pool together for her baby shower and get her a baby swing.

I spent hours researching baby swings, not realizing how some of them could be better for certain babies than others. What should you be looking for? Here’s my rundown:

  • Versatility

Babies grow, and change and a top-rated baby swing is one you can get used out of even as she gets bigger.

  • Weight limit

You never want to put a baby in a baby swing when they weigh more than the weight limit. As we looked for one for Halie, we worried that her baby boy (who was getting quite big in her belly) would be too big, so we made sure to choose a swing that had a large capacity in weight.

  • Newborn capability

If you want to use a baby swing from the start, you need to be sure it’s made to hold your newborn safely. It should come with an insert that provides precious newborns with the support they need.

  • Harness

It should go without saying, but please never buy a baby swing without a harness.

  • Type

There are all kinds of baby swings. Some are filled with full-on entertainment and all the bells and whistles, while others are just simple swings. You have portable units and full-size ones. Which one is for you? The one that fits your life!

  • Power

Many baby swings today come with a way to plug in though some run entirely on batteries. As someone who had a battery-operated baby chair, let me assure you that you want it to plug-in. If not, I can guarantee those batteries will wonk out on you at 3 am. Count on it!

  • Motion and speed

Some swings will go side-to-side in addition to rocking from head to toe. It’s nice to have the option to adjust it as newborns find it soothing. Swings usually come with at least 2-speed settings, but if you want more versatility, you may opt to choose a model that gives you more speed settings you can use down the road.

  • Sturdiness

Baby swings should be sturdy when you set them up. The ones I’ve got for you below are all sturdy options, but you must be careful when setting up. You need to be sure you’re doing things right.

  • Easy cleaning

The best baby swing is one that allows you to remove the insert and toss it in the wash easily. Babies are messy little wonders. They’ll drool, spit-up, and have diaper blowouts in that swing, and lucky you; you get to clean it! Make sure it’s easy to clean!

  • Fun stuff

Do you want your baby to have a cuddly, baby-safe toy tethered to the baby swing? Do you want lights and music? You don’t need them, but it depends on if you wish to them for which model you should choose.
Comfort – the padding inside the baby swing should be soft for comfort yet firm for safety.

And thankfully, I’ve done all the work for you. Now, I won’t tell you which of these we wound up buying for Halie. I don’t want to sway you one way or the other, so I’ve provided the 10 baby swings I narrowed our search down to.

We all have different needs and wants. You may find you need the best baby swing for colic while your best friend might need something portable. Your neighbor may want one with all the bells and whistles while one of your coworkers needs one that can fit a smaller space. Don’t worry! I’ve got them all below.

My Picks & Thorough Reviews for the Top 10 Baby Swings!

Fisher-Price Sweet Snugapuppy

Comforting Fun for Baby- Best Baby Swing For Colic

two way swing Fisher-Price sweet snugapuppy

Fisher-Price always comes up with good ways to help you take care of your baby. With this baby swing, you get 2 directions of motion from side-to-side or head-to-toe. Plus, you can change the recline positions, which makes it a fantastic choice if your baby is colicky.

This swing offers 6 speeds, too, which can be very helpful for an agitated baby. Again, start on the lowest one and work your way up. It comes equipped with some awesome extras too. There are 16 calming songs plus nature sounds. With the push of a button, you can adjust the swing, so it’s very user-friendly. Use it up until the baby hits 25lbs.

Things I Liked

  • Includes all the bells and whistles like a turning mobile, music, and soft animal toys
  • 2 swinging directions and 2 comfortable reclining positions
  • Easy push-button use
  • Machine-washable seat pad
  • Includes Snugapuppy Dreams insert for newborns
  • Plug-in option
  • Great for colicky babies

Things I Didn’t Like

  • Easy to take apart but doesn’t fold
  • Not ideal for portable needs

Should You Buy This?

If your baby is a bit fussy, you might really like this baby swing. It’s very versatile, and while newborns can’t really see all the cute stuff on it, once your baby gets a bit bigger, she’ll just love all those fuzzy little animals and the soothing music.

Fisher-Price My Little Snugabunny

Cozy Newborn Swing – Baby Swing For Newborns

My Little Snugabunny Cradle 'n Swing

Just like the other Fisher-Price model I discussed above, this one has the same kind of features though it has a mirror on the mobile along with soft bird toys and a tethered bunny plushie that your little one will simply grow to love.

What’s the difference here?

There are a few more cool little pluses in the way of the design that your baby will appreciate as she grows. You could also use it for a colicky baby, but this one, as well as the other Fisher-Price model, came out on top in my research for keeping newborns comforted.

Things I Liked

  • Has toys, a turning mobile, music, and sounds to relax your baby
  • 2 swinging directions and 2 comfortable reclining positions
  • Easy push-button use
  • Machine-washable seat pad
  • Plug-in option 
  • Great for fussy babies to calm them down and get them to sleep

Things I Didn’t Like

  • Easy to take apart but doesn’t fold
  • Not ideal for portable needs

Should You Buy This?​

Again, it’s another design that is ideal for colicky, fussy babies, but for anyone with a newborn that needs help lulling her to sleep, this one will help tremendously

Graco DreamGlider Gliding Swing

Sweet Dreams Baby – Best Baby Swing For Sleeping

Gliding Baby Swing by Graco

This baby swing might just be best at getting baby to fall asleep so you can move her off to her crib. It vibrates as well as allows for speed settings to be changed. You can recline the seat with one hand too. You have music to help soothe her plus it can run on batteries or be plugged in, giving you versatility should you need to set it up somewhere that’s out of plug-in range. 

It’s made for use at 5.5lbs on up to 30lbs, so it’s a baby swing you can use as your child grows and grows! 

Things I Liked

  • Vibrates and glides
  • Offers 6 different speeds
  • Includes 10 melodies plus 5 nature sounds
  • Mobile with adorable soft toys for visual development
  • Timer mode, so you don’t use up all the batteries or accidentally fall asleep and leave baby swinging all night
  • Outstanding for giving you an assist on getting baby to sleep

Things I Didn’t Like

  • If you have a preemie, you may need to wait to use the swing
  • Only one direction of motion
  • Some settings may be too strong for your baby

Should You Buy This?

Babies can be challenging to get to sleep. If you have had trouble getting your newborn to sleep, you might want to get this swing pronto to help you get her to sleep. Remember, leaving the baby to sleep in it all night and unsupervised is NOT recommended, but it can help you get her off to sleepy land so you can move her into the crib and get some rest.

Ingenuity ConvertMe Swing

Swing Anywhere You Go – Best Portable Baby Swing

2-Seat Portable Swing by Ingenuity

Not only is this a portable baby swing, but it also converts in a bouncy seat. Talk about versatility. While it’s designed for babies up to 19.8lbs, it folds up with ease. You will want to use this one from birth through 9 months only. The Hybridrive technology preserves battery life, so wherever you go, you can keep baby happy on the journey. 

If you travel often or you’re taking baby here and there with you, this is a great option. It doesn’t take up much space, either.

Things I Liked

  • You can take it anywhere
  • It folds up easily for portability or storage
  • Prolongs battery 3 times longer
  • 5 speeds plus vibration
  • Converts to the bouncy seat

Things I Didn’t Like

  • Only one direction of motion
  • No plug-in option
  • Product operates erratically with distorted sounds and dimming lights when batteries are low
  • Exclusively for babies up to 9 months or 19.8lbs

Should You Buy This?

If you have a small baby and travel around, this will be a perfect baby swing for you. It’s easy to fold up and can turn into a bouncer too. However, once your baby hits the 9-month mark, you’ll have to retire it. If that doesn’t bother you, then definitely go for it, but be prepared with plenty of batteries!

Fisher-Price Papasan (Mocha Butterfly​)

Space-Saving Swing – Baby Swing For Small Spaces

Cradle Swing from Fisher-Price

This Fisher-Price model also goes in 2 directions. I find that having plenty of options really has you covered. It gives you 6 swinging speeds, 16 songs, and calming nature sounds. You can recline in 2 positions and adjust the seat in 3 positions. In addition to being very versatile in this way, it is compact enough to fit in small spaces.

Another great thing about this baby swing is that the features are easy to customize to make your baby happy. You can turn on the mobile and turn on the music or just turn on nature sounds. It has pretty butterflies dangling above plus a light show display on the canopy. There are plenty of things here that will make your baby a happy baby, even in tight quarters. You can use it up to 25lbs, too, so it will last you a while.

Things I Liked

  • Tons of bells and whistles
  • Easy to customize the settings to make a baby happy
  • Lots of versatility and room for growth
  • Fits easily in tight spaces
  • Fun light show on the canopy

Things I Didn’t Like

  • Canopy is challenging to keep in place
  • Butterfly theme might be a little ‘girly’
  • Pricier than other options

Should You Buy This?

If you have a small space and a girl, you will likely find this baby swing to be an asset. It does have plenty of bells and whistles, but if you’re on a budget, you may want to choose one of the other ones on my list. If not, go for it!

Graco Glider LX

Compact Newborn Comfort – Baby Swing For Newborns

Graco Glider LX

Another compact model, this one really caters to newborns. It vibrates and has just 2 settings for speed to keep things simple. The support is cozy, and it reclines in 3 positions. You can use on up until your baby reaches 30lbs. It can plug-in or run on batteries.

It’s ideal for mimicking those soothing motions your baby loves when you hold her in the nursery glider, giving you a much-deserved break!

Things I Liked

  • Really effective for newborns
    Saves loads of space
  • Battery or plug-in option
  • Features 2 cute bear plushies on the top bar
  • Vibrates and swings with 2 settings
  • 3 recline positions with plenty of support for newborns

Things I Didn’t Like

  • Hard to attach washable cover back on
  • Even with a high max weight limit, a baby may outgrow it early on
  • No music or lights

Should You Buy This?

If you want something compact that fits in small spaces and for a newborn, this swing will be a great choice. It has little in the way of extras unless you count the 2 bear plushies hanging from above, but the price is very affordable, making it a good option on a budget too.

Graco DuetSoothe (Baby Swing + Rocker)

2-In-1 Fun – Best Baby Swing For Versatility

Baby Swing + Rocker by Graco DuetSoothe

For infants, you get twice the fun with a removable swing seat that converts to a rocker. It seats in 3 positions, and you can swing it in 2 directions. As a rocker, you can grab the carry handle to keep your baby by your side. You can also use it with batteries or plug it in. From birth on to 18 months (or 30lbs), you can safely use this Graco baby swing. 

You get 6 swing speeds, 10 melodies, and 5 nature sounds too. Don’t forget the 3 bears on the mobile above, which will keep your baby delighted in the comforts of this supportive seat.

Things I Liked

  • It’s basically 2 products in one with lift-in rocker
  • Worth the investment for versatility
  • Comfy and supportive
  • Plenty to entertain your baby
  • Swings in 2 directions

Things I Didn’t Like

  • A little noisy
  • Difficult to assemble

Should You Buy This?

If you want versatility, this is the baby swing for you. It has all the fun entertainment you could give your baby plus it is 2 products in one. With many ways to swing and soothe baby, you will likely find this a gem that you’ll treasure until the baby outgrows it. Since it can support a large weight limit, that means you won’t be getting rid of it after 3 months.

Graco Simple Sway

Easy on the Wallet – Best Bargain Baby Swing

Graco Simple Sway

Here’s another baby swing that can fit into small spaces. You can keep baby right alongside you and plug it in to save from replacing batteries regularly. It moves side to side, which is very comforting for little babies.

You have 2-speed vibration choices for soothing your baby, plus the seat is deep and plush with a removable support that’s ideal for newborns. The max weight limit is 20lbs, so it’s best to use this for small babies.

Things I Liked

  • Compact for fitting in small spaces
  • Great bargain
  • Plug-in option
  • 2 speed vibration
  • Plush insert perfect for newborns
  • Slow swinging ideal for small babies

Things I Didn’t Like

  • No extras
  • Only moves side to side
  • Not ideal for larger babies

Should You Buy This?

If you’re on a budget, have a small home or apartment, and are content with using this when your baby is tiny, this is certainly a great baby swing. If you want something with more than a mobile to entertain baby though or to use as she gets bigger, you may find something else on my list suits you better.

Ingenuity Power Adapt Portable Swing

Baby Swing to Grow Up In – Best Baby Swing 6 Months And Up

Ingenuity Power Swing

Now, if you have a big baby from the start or you didn’t think about getting a baby swing until now, when your baby is around 3 months or older, this baby swing by Ingenuity is ideal. It’s portable, can be plugged in, and folds flat for secure storage. 

Additionally, you get weight-sensing technology, so it swings according to your baby’s favorite speed even as she gets bigger. You can set a timer too though if you don’t, it defaults to 90 minutes before it automatically shuts off.

It plays soothing melodies and has nature sounds, and it has an extra quiet motor. You will find that even little babies love it, but for bigger babies 6 months and up, you will have everything you need to comfort them. Oh, and it wipes clean with a damp cloth.

The sturdy base is different from the other ones on my list. I chose this one to throw in because as your baby gets bigger, the way that base design is, lends more balance to growing babies.

Things I Liked

  • Incredibly versatile
  • Portable and easy to fold
  • Great for older babies
  • Wipes clean with ease
  • Automatic timers and shut-off
  • Soothing music and nature sounds
  • Extra quiet motor
  • Very sturdy base
  • Plug-in option

Things I Didn’t Like

  • Can be difficult to assemble
  • Must pay attention to how the toys face when assembling or they’ll face away from baby

Should You Buy This?

If you can get it together correctly, you’ll love this baby swing. It’s got everything you need to handle, even babies that are over 6 months. While it doesn’t have a substantial max weight limit (just 19.8lbs), it still works really well for babies that are low in weight yet older than that 6 month mark.

4moms mamaRoo 4

All the Bells and Whistles – Best Luxury Baby Swing​

4moms mamaRoo 4

Now, if you want to go ALL out, this baby swing is for you. It has 5 different motions and speeds, is Bluetooth-enabled so you can control it without getting up, it includes 4 sounds and allows for MP3 plug-in so you can provide your soundtrack for baby and you can adjust the recline. 

Because of the unique seat, it’s best for babies with reflux too. So if you have a baby that spits up a lot, this is your swing! The material is machine-washable, so if she should have reflux in this baby swing, you can clean it up with ease. Plug it in and never worry about running out of batteries.

Things I Liked

  • It not only swings but is basically an entertainment station for your baby
  • Bluetooth technology means you can control it from across the room
  • Best for reflux
  • Built-in sounds and MP3 capabilities
  • Plug-in without worry
  • 5 different motions

Things I Didn’t Like

  • Pricey
  • Only good until your baby can sit upright on her own

Should You Buy This?

This is such a cool baby swing. It’s the priciest one on my list, but it has so many cool features. It is designed to host a max of 25lbs, but the manual says that once your baby can sit upright on her own, you shouldn’t use it anymore. So you might be paying a lot only to use it a short amount of time. It’s a very cool product, though, if it fits your life!

FAQs About Baby Swings

And now, I know you have plenty of questions about baby swings. I’ve got the answers to the most common questions which I went through myself when deciding upon one for Halie’s baby shower. I hope they will help you find comfort and get plenty of use out of the baby swing you choose from my top 10.

Are baby swings good for babies?

Yes, they are as long as you’re following the recommendations for the baby swing you choose. The AAP recommends you always check for recalls first. I do, too, even for the ones I’ve mentioned above. You never know when something new might come out about the baby swing you have. If you already own a baby swing, make sure you check every now and then to make sure you haven’t missed a recall.

If your baby is newborn to 4 months, you should use the most reclined position your baby swing offers. You need to keep her from slumping over and safeguard from suffocation. As I mentioned earlier, any baby product can be dangerous when not used properly, so always be sure before you purchase any of these products that they are the right fit for your baby’s needs. 

If your baby swing feels wobbly, you should make sure you’ve put it together correctly. A lot of people complain about all of these swings as being wonky in that regard, but after checking their handiwork, they found it was because they didn’t have something just right. If you feel confident you followed instructions for assembly correctly and it still wobbles, have a friend or neighbor come help see if you’re missing something. Otherwise, you can contact the manufacturer for assistance.

Note that

Another concern is the toys on the mobile. Make sure you’ve attached them correctly. Give them a good tug after you have them installed. If they come off with ease, you’ll have to readjust it.

And of course, you should never just let your baby sleep in the baby swing. While they are fantastic for helping you get your baby to sleep, they are not designed for leaving them there. You’ll have to move them into the crib or bassinet.

How long can a baby use a swing?

As far as age and weight, it depends on what is specified in the product manual of the baby swing you choose. Some can be used from birth on up to 18 months. Others are much shorter in the recommended time.

For all baby swings, though, Consumer Reports says you shouldn’t let your baby swing for more than 30 minutes at a time. Additionally, you should limit the sessions to 2 of those 30-minute sessions each day.

Babies need time for tummy time, too, so they develop. A baby swing is a handy piece of baby gear that will free up your time to make something to eat or go to the bathroom or even get to some other chores. But it’s not a full-time babysitter. Keep that in mind when you use it. If you think you might forget about your baby sitting in the same room while you focus on folding laundry, a baby swing with a timer might be an excellent choice for you.

When to stop using a baby swing?

You need to stop using the baby swing, depending on your baby. One factor is age. When your baby hits the age limit on the baby swing that you have, it’s time to put it away. Weight is the other factor. Sometimes though, the age limit will be one year, for example. Yet the weight limit will be much higher than your baby weighs.

It all depends on the design too. If your baby starts trying to climb out of the baby swing, no matter how old she is or how much she weighs, it’s time to retire this baby gear. The harnesses should always be used, and this is precisely why.

No mom ever expects her child to try to crawl out of the swing suddenly. Then you glance up from stirring a pot on the stove to see your baby trying to escape from the swing! With those harnesses, you avoid a severe accident. Even a shortfall can cause a head injury. Safety is most important, and if your baby outgrows that baby swing and wants to explore, you’ve got to let her. That’s when you start looking into playpens. I hope to give you details about those sometime soon.

How to transition baby from swing to crib?

Ok, we have all seen that meme about how it’s like handling a live bomb when putting the baby down in the crib. I KNOW. Mine was a challenge too. But you can’t leave your baby sleeping in the swing all night or even for nap time.

First, you have to put your baby into the swing while she’s still awake. This helps her start falling asleep on her own, which makes life easier for you when she outgrows the baby swing.

Next, you need to enact those sleeping cues. White noise, dim lights, bedtime stories and all that are so important at night for helping your baby learn when it’s time for bed.


You should focus on doing this for bedtime first as naps will be much easier for you to follow suit. Ideally, if you can, move your baby swing next to the crib. Then, every time your baby is in the swing, slow down the speed further and further. Eventually, you want to put your baby into the swing and keep it non-moving while she’s still awake. What you want from this is your baby to fall asleep in the swing without it moving.

At that point, you can really go into the crib from there, but there will be tears for sure. Patience and calmness are all virtues you must practice. She will eventually get it. All babies are different, so there is no right or wrong time, but if you feel like she’s just miserable, there’s no shame in loving her in your arms. All babies need love, and you can’t spoil them from holding them (not until they are in their toddler years at least!).

What is the weight limit for a baby swing?

The weight limit depends on the baby swing you buy. Some will have a beginning weight limit, usually around 5.5lbs. If your baby is under this weight, perhaps premature, you should wait until she weighs at least this much before using the baby swing.

All baby swings have a maximum weight limit, which varies by manufacturer. Some have it on up to 30lbs, while others only allow for 19.8lbs. You will need to follow what is recommended. If your baby exceeds the weight limit, you could be endangering her life by continuing to put her in that baby swing.


Babies are all different just as every household is different, too, what I wouldn’t have given to have had a baby swing for my girls! Still, I had fun shopping for Halie’s and researching all about baby swings to make a proper decision.

None of the baby swings I reviewed above is any better than the other overall. I’ve selected each of these because they all fulfill a need. These needs vary by person. Some of you may have little babies or very big babies. Others of you have tiny rooms or need to move the baby swing around a lot, perhaps to Grandma’s or another caretaker’s home. 

Some of you may not care about it playing music, while others of you will hold that to the highest regard. Basically what I’m saying is this: choose what fits you and your baby best.

Another tip:

Compare the size of the baby swing to the spaces you plan to use it in. You don’t want to choose one that has all those fun settings only to find it’s too big for the corner of your master suite. Be prepared with this information as you decide on the right baby swing for you, and you’ll be making a wise choice for your baby.

Good luck! 

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